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Debt Advisory Line - IVA
(Which Way To Pay - 17/6/2008)
The Debt Advisory Line is a company committed to helping people get out of debt in the shortest time possible. One of the methods of doing so, if you are facing bankruptcy and have debts of at least 15,000 is to apply for an IVA.
This is a government approved scheme to help people avoid bankruptcy and effectively is an agreement between yourself and your creditors on an agreed manageable monthly payment to cover a percentage of your debts. Usually the payment period is 5 years.
To be eligible, the Debt Advisory Line need you to have 15,000 of debts to 4 or more creditors. They do boast that their fee payments are substantially lower than leading competitors. The website is fairly informative and easy to use; though presentation is not that user friendly.
Debt Advisory Line is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating        
1 Star: 1 Star RatingPoor
In relation to other products, has performed badly and has little or no worthwhile benefits.
2 Stars: 2 Star RatingBelow Average
Has some features of value, but in comparison to others performs below standard.
3 Stars: 3 Star RatingAverage
A fair product with regards to its competitors - has no outstanding features or benefits.
4 Stars: 4 Star RatingGood
In comparison to other products performs above standard, has beneficial features.
5 Stars: 5 Star RatingExcellent
Performs well above standard in comparison, has exceptional features and benefits.

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