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What are Advisory Services?

Advisory Services are offered by many online broker companies alongside their main platforms.

  • The aim of a Trader Advisory Service is to help the active investors/traders become more successful with their money.

The service will usually specialise in the area on which they offer a platform. For instance, a CFDs broker might offer an Advisory Service on CFDs. So, alongside your CFDs trading you can use the broker's Advisory Service for all CFD-related topics and trading.

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What does an Advisory Service do?

An investment Advisory Service works in a number of ways. They might interact directly with the client by managing his or her assets. Or they might just provide a general advice on the financial markets on which the client is trading. The level of advice the client takes is up to them.

Here are some areas which the Advisory Service might cover:

  • Market reports
  • Market summaries made easy to understand
  • Buy and sell recommendations tailor-made to the client
  • Research
  • Personal telephone broker-to-client recommendations
  • Charting software
  • Seminars and webinars run by experts

The service will ensure that any reports and summaries, recommendations and research are "easy to digest" so that clients can understand and learn from them. Charting software allows the client to see market trends, patterns and movements.

The level of Advisory trading service is often up to the client – they may request a “full service” with a dedicated trader on hand to provide one-on-one tips, recommendations and advice. On the other hand, the client may just want market reports or charting software to carry out their own research.

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What does "Execution only" mean?

When looking through the Which Way To Pay comparison table for Advisory Services (look in the Investments Trading drop down menu), you will see a category telling you which Execution Services the broker offers. This means which markets and trade types you can trade directly on (such as Forex, CFDs, Futures etc). Some brokers are “Execution only” which means they do not offer Advisory Services.

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What does an Advisory Service cost?

This depends. The research material and resources is often offered for free. However, a tailor-made recommendation will usually carry a commission fee. This will vary but is in most cases around 0.5 per cent. The amount you are required to pay usually depends on the level of service you wish to receive.

In most cases, regular trading accounts will come with additional research-based services free of charge. For instance, you may open a CFD account with a broker who will offer Live Stream Quotes, Chat Support, SMS updates and more as standard.

If the client decides they need more resource material and assistance, they may find that a broker which offers an Advisory Service more beneficial.

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Why use an Advisory Service?

Trading on any financial market is a complex activity. Here is why:

  • There is a large risk of loss of money
  • Markets constantly change – they are volatile
  • Trends change with markets
  • Many markets have been existence for hundreds of years
  • There is often a lot of money at stake

Therefore, many traders and investors seek an Advisory Service, to help themselves be more knowledgeable on the markets on which they trade. All markets and investment sectors are complex and affected by many varying factors.

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How can I Benefit?

Markets are extremely volatile and can change quickly and sharply. For instance, you may have a position in Futures. Where one day the position may have seemed clear, the next day it can be very different. In can be difficult to predict the way a market will move.

Therefore, an Advisory Service can help you to use as many resources as possible in order to make educated positions. In other words, using an Advisory Service could be a way to hedge risk exposure. Why? Because the trader is using as much technical analysis to help him or her to take a stance.

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Is an Advisory Service Regulated?

Yes, they should be regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom. If you are seeking an Advisory Service for your trade activity, please check if they are regulated before you sign up. This information is usually available on the website (Which Way To Pay includes this information on its Advisory Service comparison table) or ask directly.

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Are there Risks?

Yes. There are risks in any trade type and by using an Advisory Trading Service, a trader could feel that he is "safe" from making bad market decisions.

For instance, he or she may think that because there is an expert trader at hand to provide "insider" buying and selling advice, s/he is on to a failsafe plan.

However, an adviser can only impart advice or recommendations and assistance. They cannot guarantee that this will result in successful trades.

No matter how much advice you seek, you are still at risk of losing some or all of the capital you invest.

We have outlined Risks in a separate document entitled Risks of Advisory Services.

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What are the Advantages to an Advisory Service?

The advantages are many and include:

  • Better knowledge of markets
  • Expert advice
  • Expert "insider" tips and recommendations
  • Market reports to your email address
  • With a "full" advisory service you could receive money(investment) management
  • Professional workshops

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Are there any Disadvantages to an Advisors Service?

There could be some disadvantages an Advisory Service. These include

  • False sense of security for the trader
  • Does not guarantee safe and successful returns
  • You may not find the advice useful!

That is why it is very important that you understand the risks involved in any form of trade.

Whether you choose to trade/invest in Forex, Futures, Options, CFDs, Stocks and Shares, Spread Betting there is always a risk that you could lose all of the capital you invest – in some cases you may lose money on top of the capital invested. Further Risks information is outlined in the RISK document on Advisory Services.

If you are in any way unsure of whether you are suitable to invest, please seek an Independent Financial Advisor.

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