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Share Dealing

Share dealing or share trading has been in practise for a long time as a worthy investment tool. Before the internet made trading easy and ever more global, trading was – and still can be – conducted by telephone or post. Through a stock broker, almost anyone can partake in the global shares market. There are many things that a new investor should consider before entering shares dealing. These include comparing stock brokers to see which offers the best service, research and analysis of the marketplace, and an honest look at how much can afford to be invested.

Is Share Dealing Easy to Partake in?

Yes, share dealing is a relatively easy way to invest. How much assistance you take is up to you: stock brokers vary in the amount of added assistance they can provide, such as buy/sell signals. Some can even trade on your behalf using their expertise. Once you get the hang of market movements and what affects shares and stocks, you can become a successful investor. However, it is best to have a broad ‘diversified’ portfolio, as this lessens the risk of loss. An investment portfolio that contains a range of investment tools that are unlikely to go in the same direction means you are more likely to make a profit.

Are there Risks in Share Dealing?

As with any trade type, of course there are risks in share dealing. This is because the market can move against you and your shares could very easily lose value. During a time of economic downturn, shares on a global scale lose their value. However, traders who are willing to stick it out for at least five years have a better chance of making gains in share trading. Unlike CFDs trading, this is not a short-term investment. Be savvy: find out as much as you can before entering the market. Compare brokers, ask questions, take courses and seminars on successful shares trading – these will all aid in becoming a profitable investor.


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Compare Share Dealing
Compare Share Dealing