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The words 'student' and 'credit' are not ones you might usually put side by side. We all know how hard it is to get credit as students with no regular income, but there is help at hand in the form of the Student Credit Card.

The credit limit on a Student card will be capped so you don't overdo it and get into too much debt. It is worth using the card not too frequently though as there are the usual features to contend with. For example, the APR rate might actually be higher than average because students are a higher risk to the issuer. So have a look around, compare your options and make sure you are prepared.

There is also the Graduate Card which falls in the same bracket but is designed for those who have just graduated university. This card will require that you have a minimum annual income so make sure you are eligible before applying. Visit our Comparison page to get all the information you need.


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Compare Student Credit Cards
Compare Student Credit Cards