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Cheap Travel Insurance Tips

Cheap Travel Insurance Tips. 5 easy tips to finding cheap Travel Insurance.


Travel Insurance can prove costly, but is a necessity when heading abroad, this guide will help you compare all the options, helping you achieve the best deal possible. With a distinct lack of summer at home many Brits like few things more than a holiday and although it's not a nice thought but sometimes things can go wrong. If you're without Travel Insurance these unexpected events can sometimes prove both distressing and expensive!

Travel Insurance policies can sometimes seem confusing, this can put some people off taking out coverage, however finding a simple policy, with the right level of coverage at the right price has never been easier. In the past Travel Insurance was commonly sold by travel agents and was portrayed as an expensive and unnecessary add on sales product; however with the introduction of specialist Travel Insurance companies, the increase in policies offered by banks and the reduction in price from travel agents, Travel Insurance is now the best, cheapest and easiest way to ensure you and your loved ones are protected whilst overseas.

When taking out Travel Insurance it can be difficult to know where to start, with each policy varying in not only price, but also the level of coverage and added features. Although it can be tempting it would be unwise to base your decision solely on which policy has the lowest price, as although cheap in the short term it may prove expensive if you have to claim and discover you are not covered for everything you needed. For instance a policy taken out for a ski holiday would be vastly different to a policy taken out for a city break. It is important to think about where you are going and what activities you plan to do once there, as both of these factors will influence what policy you will need.

Tip 1: Know the fundamentals

A low price can sometimes prove to be a tempting offer, however rather than price alone additional key factors to consider whilst searching for Travel Insurance include lost luggage coverage, illness and accident cover, personal liability insurance and holiday cancellation coverage. However before any of these factors are considered you will need to decide whether you want to take out a single trip policy or annual cover.

Single trip insurance is specifically tailored for the purpose of protecting you for that trip,the type of holiday, length of time you are away and the country you are travelling to will all have an influence on the cost of your policy. For example cover for a one-week ski holiday to France will be considerably higher in cost than a two-week beach holiday in Spain, this is because you are more likely to encounter and injury on a ski holiday than a beach holiday.

Whereas annual Travel Insurance policies, these are designed to protect you on all your international travels from the date your policy is taken out for a full year no matter how many times you travel and to what destinations you travel to. This means if you frequently travel annual Travel Insurance can prove to be an extremely flexible, affordable and simple way to ensure you are covered no matter what your plans are.

Tip 2: Think medical

It's important to remember that if you fall ill abroad you will not be protected by any private or state provided medical care you may have access to back home, it is for this reason if no other that you must take out Travel Insurance for you and your family. Depending on what country you all ill in your medical bills without Travel Insurance could run into the region of hundreds of thousands, leaving you with anything but happy holiday memories, most Travel Insurance policies will over medial cover up to a quarter of a million, more than enough to provide you with the best care and peace of mind at what can be a very difficult time.

Tip 3: Be prepared for the worst-case scenario

Although it's an unpleasant thing to consider sometimes the worst-case scenario happens, on occasions this can mean you have to cancel your holiday before you've even started it! If so, the anguish of cancelling your holiday could be made even worse by the fact that you'll still have to pay for it. Cancellation insurance can be added to refund your expenses should this happen.

Another term frequently used within Travel Insurance policies is personal liability, and although regularly mentioned it is a term that can often cause some confusion. Personal liability refers to a feature that will provide cover for any consequences you may encounter due to your actions abroad; this also includes financial protection from legal proceedings against you.

Tip 4: Go the extra mile

Or most holidaymakers, their trip abroad entails; sun, sea and a glass of sangria; however for some this doesn't quite cut it. If your holiday involves a bit more adventure, basic Travel Insurance will not offer you the level of protection you require. Statistically you are far most likely to make a medical or luggage claim on a winter sports and adventure holiday so it's even more crucial to make sure you are protected. Most Travel Insurance providers offer specifically designed packages for these types of trips; if you are planning this sort of trip it may prove more cost effective to take out a more specialized policy that can provide you with greater peace of mind.

Tip 5: Remember age does matter...

It's not nice to say but unfortunately many Travel Insurancecompanies will not offer policies to those over the age of 65, or if they do charge astronomical rates, that many just cannot afford. However this is still no reason to travel without insurance, as the cost of any policy will work out cheaper than having no cover, should you fall ill abroad. On a positive note things are slowly starting change and many Travel Insurance companies are starting to realize that we are staying fitter and healthier for longer; there are even companies that specialize in offer insurance options for those tradition insures turn away, so look around and find an option that suits you, just remember always divulge any pre-existing medical conditions, as if you don't, your policy will be void and you will be left unprotected.


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