If you've ever wished that you'd started investing in your own retirement earlier, you'll understand the importance of starting a pension plan early. With a Child Stakeholder Pension Plan you can give your children's or grandchildren's futures a great start. You can start investing now towards your children's or grandchildren's retirements with a Child Stakeholder Pension Plan in their names. The money in your children or grandchildren's pension plans will remain invested until they are at least 55 based on current pension legislation, so this is a long-term investment with plenty of opportunity for growth. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully before you apply.

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What are child stakeholder pensions

Stakeholder pensions were originally set up to give low income families and individuals the opportunity to contribute to a pension. This was considered a good incentive for the economically worse off. Although these pensions were originally set up with low income individuals in mind it is a tax efficient system which anyone can apply to. This means that the child’s legal guardian(s) can set up a pension for their children and this will be a sound investment for many years before the children reach retirement age. Anyone can contribute to a stakeholder pension and the returns can be impressive.

Why invest in a child stakeholder pension

Stakeholder pensions were originally set up to give those on little or no income (women taking a break from work to have children, people on low pay or the jobless) the chance to add to a pension. This makes things a little fairer and lightens the load on the Government. Although these pensions were originally set up with women and the unemployed in mind, anyone is allowed to set one up. This means that the child’s legal guardian(s) can set up a pension for newborns and take advantage of the decades until the child’s retirement in order to let the pension build itself up.

Once the stakeholder pension is set up, anyone can add to it. By investing a small amount for the child at the beginning of its life you can provide, through the wonders of compound interest, large sums of money for them in the future.

What are the benefits of a stakeholder pension for children?

Stakeholder pensions are a simple and tax efficient way of helping you to provide for your child’s future. These are suitable for anyone who would like to put money away for a child, be it a grandparent, parent, guardian or uncle. Starting a child’s pension early allows the funds to grow for them so they will be secure in the knowledge that they will have funds available when the most need them.

Stakeholder pension plans

Stakeholder pension plans aim to build up a fund that will ensure you child or grandchild will have a pension when they decide to take their benefits. You are able to stop, start, increase or decrease regular contributions when you feel necessary or you can contribute in one lump sum whenever you wish. Invest from as little as £20, however, the more you put in your pension scheme the more your child will have to use when they are older.

What are the pension options?

There are a number of investment funds that you choose to invest in that suit you. If you are unsure or in any doubt then you should seek independent financial advice.


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