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What is a Claims Service?

A claims service is a specialist company run by teams of legal and financial professionals who can help you to claim compensation for a range of areas, including:

Injury or Accidents

Mis-Sold PPI and other Financial Products

Unfair Credit Card / Bank charges

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Injury Claims

Have you suffered as a result of an accident that was not your fault? A classic scenario is the person who slips and falls on a wet floor in their workplace perhaps this was not properly signposted/forewarned? Falling an hurting yourself could lead to not just pain but further difficulty such as loss of earnings, numerous medical bills and even job loss.

You can call on a specialist claims company to take your case and fight on your behalf to give you compensation. Via a simple application process, they can work out if you are able to make a claim or how much you could win. They will usually ask for details of the accident and might need some proof. Once they have worked out your claims process, they will work hard to claim money on your behalf. Many claims services say that they will not stop the process until the case is successful.

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Mis-Sold PPI

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has taken a lot of column inches over the last few years, as a result of many cases of people saying that they were sold a policy alongside a loan or credit card, which turned out to be effectively useless.

PPI is designed to cover a borrower in the event that something happens which would prevent them from meeting their loan/credit card payments. These scenarios might include illness, job loss (redundancy), an accident or even death.

Yet in many cases, it was found that when such an event took place, the policy which the customer had been sold did not actually cover them often because they were self-employed or had another factor which was not covered by the policy.

For such situations, money can be claimed back with the help of a specialist claims service. They will need to look at your case, work out if your were mis-sold your policy and whether you can make a successful claim.

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Unfair Credit Card / Bank Charges

Claims services can also help you to reclaim credit card charges, and have offered bank charge reclaim services too.

The issue of bank charges has become less clear since the Supreme Court ruled that the 'fairness rule' could not be used in the case of charges for situations like a bounced cheque or going into unauthorised overdraft territory. However, there are still loopholes and if you are thinking about claiming for unfair bank charges, speak with a claims company to see if and how they could help you. Credit card charges can be reclaimed too, if you can say that you are suffering financial hardship. Again, speak to the claims team to discuss your options.

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