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Lloyds TSB Cash ISA Saver (Cash ISA)
Get instant access to your money, for those unexpected rainy days. Open today with just £1 and because it’s a cash ISA, you won’t pay any tax on the interest you earn.
Location: UK
1. Instant access, with no charge for withdrawals.
2. Open your account with as little as £1.
3. Pay money in as often as you like (up to your yearly limit).
4. You can deposit one lump sum or in any number of smaller payments up to the yearly subscription limit.
5. You can set up monthly payments into your Cash ISA Saver easily with our Direct Debit form. If you want to save regularly you can set up a standing order.
6. Interest will be paid yearly on the 31st March and does not count towards your ISA limit.
7. If you transfer a cash ISA from another provider they’ll pay interest from the day we receive your completed ISA transfer form – provided your funds are free to move.
1. Once you've paid in your full year's cash ISA allowance, you can't replace any money you've withdrawn in the same tax year.
2. You must use the ISA transfer process and not withdraw the money from your ISA account yourself as you will lose all your tax benefits.
3. You are restricted in the amount you can save, so opening a cash ISA saver will limit the amount that can be invested in a stocks and shares ISA
4. Cash ISAs cannot be held in joint names.
5. The favourable tax treatment for cash ISAs depends on your individual circumstances and may vary in the future.
1. Earn a variable rate of 2.35% Tax free/AER.
2. The rate includes a fixed introductory bonus of 1.35% for the first 12 months from account opening.
3. You can save £5,640 in this tax year - ends 5 April 2013.
4. Make withdrawals from as little as £1.
5.  Manage your Cash ISA Saver through Internet Banking if you’re registered.

AER Rate: 2.35%
Interest Paid: Annually
Notice Period: No notice
Min Deposit: £1
Max Deposit: N/A
Initial Fee: £0
Exit Fee: Ask on application
Annual Management Fee: £0

Cash ISA Saver
Suitable For:
People looking to not pay tax on the interest you earn
You can apply for a Cash ISA Saver today if you are:
1. 16 years or older
2. Resident and ordinarily resident in the UK for tax purposes
Introductory Offer:
Fixed introductory bonus of 1.35% for the first 12 months from account opening
Terms and Conditions:
The Cash ISA Saver account has a variable interest rate, and is a restricted savings account, as you can only pay in the yearly cash ISA allowance set by HM Treasury. It is provided by Lloyds TSB Scotland plc if you open it in a Lloyds TSB Scotland plc branch or you have a current account with Lloyds TSB Scotland plc, otherwise it is provided by Lloyds TSB Bank plc. Both banks have been approved as ISA managers by HMRC.

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