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TRAPPED.CO.UK (IVA) offers Debt Management Plan advice, IVAs and Trust Deeds (Scotland) for people struggling with their debts. Find out if you qualify online. Before you apply for an IVA it is important to consider your financial circumstances carefully and if it is possible you should seek expert financial advice. Always read the terms and conditions carefully. IVAs are serious financial products.
Debt Options Offered
Debt management
1. Write off up to 60% of your debts
2. Reduce payments
3. One monthly affordable payment
4. advisors arrange 1000s of IVAs each month, so it is likely they have already arranged an IVA with your creditors in the past
5. Multi-lingual advisors are available
6. They'll give you expert advice if an IVA isn't the best solution
1. 75% of your creditors have to agree to it - if more than a quarter of them don't think they'll get enough of their money back from it, they can block your IVA and you may have to consider Bankruptcy or a Debt Management Plan instead.
2. It could take up to 4 months for the creditors records to be updated and for them to stop calling you.
3. An IVA will appear on your credit file for 6 years from the date you start it - after 6 years it will be removed.
4. If you don't keep up with the payments you've agreed with your creditors, they can take you to court and force you into Bankruptcy - this could affect your future earnings and credit much more severely.
Terms & Conditions
Must fill out an application to get a free calculation
Information / ID Required
Amounts owed, name, address, partner details, age, marital status, credit details
Debt Write Off Options
Up to 60%
Minimum Debt: £1,500.00
Minimum Monthly Repayment: N/A
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