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Looking for business credit cards tailored to your business requirements? Whether you have a large or a small company and whatever your field, a business credit card can add real value to your company by helping you to separate your personal from your business expenses. Many cards also come with exclusive rewards and offers that can benefit your company. Which Way To Pay rate cards from a wide range of issuers, helping you to assess which corporate credit card will be the best fit for you and your business. There are business credit cards for the self-employed, charge cards with little or no interest (though you need to pay the full balance every month) and you can compare business credit cards fees, rates, reward points, exclusive offers, travel credits, options to personalise your card with your brand or logo and options to hold multiple corporate credit cards on your account. Use the table below to compare credit cards designed for corporate use.

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Compare Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards for your company

Even if you are just starting out or you are already an established business you might want to think about getting a business credit card. No matter the size of your business these cards are a great way to manage your corporate finances more effectively because you can stay in better control of your business expenditure and see all your monthly outgoings. They will also help you separate your business expenses from your personal ones.

Choosing business credit cards

When deciding on the right card for you and your business some cards come with some great additional benefits such as discounts on travel, hotel visits and offers on travel insurance. You can also get business credit cards that allow multiple cards for several employees. Furthermore, some cards offer cash back programmes and reward offers.

Please note that when applying for a business credit card you may be required to provide some documentation regarding your business. When deciding on which business card to apply for, pick the card that is most suitable for the size of your business.

What can business credit cards do for you?

Business credit cards can offer a range of benefits to any business, simplifying petty cash issues and giving greater flexibility to both employers and employees. Many companies require different financing options and increasingly, company credit cards are considered essential

So what are the advantages? They give you more purchasing power; you'll be able to increase you cash flow, smooth over any cash flow problems; and you'll be able to keep track of company expenses in a convenient way with your statements, cancelling out the need for messy petty cash procedures.

Most issuers will provide several cards; so your employees can have easy access to funds, giving them the opportunity to purchase essential items and services (such as stationary, petrol, equipment, client entertainment etc.) which in turn can make day to day running of any business less problematic and more productive.

Business credit card requirements

Today, many companies will use a credit card for most business transactions rather than cheques or cash. As every business has different requirements, it's best to think about what you'd need, and look through the options available. A business credit card will give you more security and they're accepted almost everywhere; using one could even increase the company’s credit standing. And there are lots of other benefits too like; online services, varying repayment periods, cash rebate bonuses, travel rewards, competitive APRs.

Always read the terms and conditions

Like all credit cards you must ensure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly before you commit yourself to a particular business credit card. Ensure you are able to make the monthly repayments otherwise you could find that you are in financial trouble. Try not to put your credit report at risk so ensure you know what you are signing up for.


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Business credit cards can offer a range of benefits to any business, simplifying petty cash issues and giving greater flexibility to both employers and employees.