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Welcome to the Cards area. There are so many different cards available that it can be very difficult to work out which card is best for you. We compare numerous cards in comprehensive comparison verticals so that you can easily work out which card best suits your circumstances. Take your time to shop around in order to find the best card for you and always read the terms and conditions.


Compare Cards Products

The Bank / Credit card market has now diversified to the extent where there are many different payment cards to fulfil a variety of needs. Click on the links below if you know what you are looking for; or read our overview for more information on credit cards down the page.

Credit Cards

Which credit card should you choose? There are a large number of credit cards on the market; ; and the three key features most buyers look for are: APR, Interest Free Balance Transfer Period, Interest Free Purchase Period.

APR is the Annual Percentage Rate – i.e. what the general interest rate is over a year. You may have noticed that for personal loans and credit cards, this is no longer called ‘typical' APR but representative APR. This is due to a change in the rule system and took effect on 1st February 2011. The representative APR only has to be offered to 51% of customers, so less loan or card applicants will actually receive the rate that is advertised. The Interest Free Transfer Period refers to the period for which you will not accrue interest on any balance you transfer over from you old credit card. Finally, the Interest Free Purchase Period means the introductory period through which you will not accrue interest on any new purchases you make with your credit card.

With modern Credit cards however, there are other benefits to look for – e.g. some credit cards such as the Nectar Card offer loyalty points that can be redeemed, or the Football Club credit Cards which as well as offering points, also gives a donation to your club when you buy. Similarly with Charity credit Cards, a percentage of the sales will go to the charity as a donation – so you can help your favourite charity. There are also a range of business credit cards including a charge card (no interest on purchases but the full amount must be paid back every month) and a range of small business credit cards that give you discount at specified business retailers.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards or Prepay Credit cards are becoming increasingly available; offering a secure and convenient way to transfer or share money, spend abroad, shop online, receive wages and simply use for day to day spending. Prepaid cards are a great option if you are unable to get credit or a bank account, because you'll get all the versatility of a debit or credit card regardless of your credit rating.

Prepaid cards are used and accepted just like credit cards and debit cards, except you 'pre-load' a prepaid card with funds. The prepaid cards can be loaded by a variety of methods and does differ by card (check our Prepaid Calculator table to view top-up types.) Generally you can load prepaid cards with cash at EG Post Office or Paypoints; and sometimes at a bank itself. Other methods include having your wages paid onto the prepaid card, via a bank transfer or even by post!

Travel FX Currency Cards

Foreign Exchange (FX) or Travel currency cards are recent payment cards designed specifically for use abroad, in foreign currencies. The principal is simple: avoid all the complex credit card fees and poor commission rates when you go abroad. Buy these currency cards in the relevant currency and load it up with money (online or by telephone) as you would a prepaid card.

FX cards can also be 'topped-up' like prepaid cards, in the currency of your choice and you can re-load them via SMS, the internet and by telephone wherever you are.

The advantages of a Travel FX card over using a Debit or Credit card are multiple:

  • Your exchange rate is better than with normal bank rates; and close to the Interbank Spot rate
  • The exchange is generally commission-free
  • Your exchange rate is set when you load or top up the card so you are not at the mercy of fluctuating exchange rates or poor exchange rate
  • ATM fees are low and there is generally no purchase fee when using the card

So choose your currency, order your card and enjoy low fees and a great exchange rate. If you lose the currency card you can also get a replacement rapidly and you do not run the security risk of carrying large amounts of cash.

Poor Rating Credit Cards

Over the course of our financial life, some people fall into bad debt, or in arrears on loans which may give the individual a bad credit rating, this may make it hard to get a new loan or a credit card. However some credit card providers will allow you to have these payment cards even if your credit rating is poor. Check our selection of credit cards for people with bad credit.

Business Credit Cards

If you have a Business of whatever size or are even if you are self-employed; it may be useful for you and your employees to have a credit card to pay for business expenses. There are a number of credit cards with features specifically tailored for businesses. Generally you will be able to order a number of additional business credit cards for other employees free of charge. Most business credit cards will offer discounts on a variety of business related products such as travel, travel insurance or hotel stays. Some business credit cards even offer money back on purchases or Nectar points. Check our comparison table for more details.

Student Credit Cards

There are times when Students need a bit of credit to pay for everyday needs, books and unexpected expenses. But students are unlikely to have a regular salaried income and this makes getting a regular credit card difficult. Luckily there are a number of credit cards specifically designed for students. . You will not need a yearly salary, although generally student credit cards are capped at a low credit rate - for example £500.

Football Credit Cards

When you spend with your football credit card, you'll be helping to ensure the future of your club as money raised supports youth development programs. Other benefits on offer can include; attractive balance transfer rates, low or non existing purchase fees, access to one of the largest credit card reward schemes, valuable 'money can't buy' rewards in association with your club, plus many more exclusive offers.

Charity Credit Cards

A new breed of consumer who wants to shop and live in a more ethical manner is increasing as we seek to give back. There are a number of Credit Cards that want to offer their users the ability to give to a number of charities and ethical considerations. The credit card companies will usually give a percentage of its profit back to the selected charity. You can help animal charities, the environment and more – click here to see our selection of Charity Credit Cards.

Reward Credit Cards

Reward credit cards are just like normal credit cards, but they carry additional features which could be of benefit for the card holder. These features include reward schemes, bonus programmes, or collecting of points. The card will have partnerships with certain companies, such as an airline, petrol company or hotel chain, and every time the card is used to make a purchase the card will either gather points towards receiving a free flight, cheaper petrol or hotel stay. Some reward cards only collect points or rewards when the card is used for purchases with one or a few specified partnerships.

A reward credit card carries all the features of a normal credit card – it will carry a credit facility, an interest rate on its balance, fees and will allow the card holder to pay for products and services almost anywhere in the world. Some people see rewards credit cards as giving the holder a reward for shopping – and they certainly do give something back! Compare reward credit cards on Which Way To Pay today.

Charge Cards

Charge cards are a type of credit card. In simple terms, the card allows the user to spend without limit, but at the end of each month they must pay the balance in full. Aside from this key feature, the charge card is just like any other credit card – enjoy higher spending power, use the charge card worldwide, and the card may be connected to a reward or bonus programme too. Of course, as the card holder must pay off the balance owing in full each month, he or she must be able to afford this. Therefore, charge cards are mainly aimed at people with higher incomes.

Most charge cards carry no or very high credit limits, meaning the card holder has even more spending power. Because of this, most charge card providers will insist that the card applicant has an excellent credit rating, and they may also require a minimum income per year.


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