Shepherds Young Saver PlanShepherds Young Saver PlanChildrens AccountDependent on investmentDependent on investmentMaturityOnline. Post, TelN/A£0£0
DETAIL INFORMATION >>£30 Love2Shop gift card when you take out a plan today. Give your children a real head start. Our Young Saver Plan savings account lets you save up to £1200 a year TAX-EXEMPT with no tax to pay on the final lump sum and sickness benefits of up to £400 a month if your child is ill for 4 weeks or more.
Scottish Friendly Child BondChild BondChildrens AccountVariesVariesMonthly, Annual, End Of TermOnline, Tel, PostN/A£0
DETAIL INFORMATION >>Did you know you’re allowed to invest up to £25 per month tax-free for any child, resident in the UK, with a friendly society such as Scottish Friendly? The Scottish Friendly Child Bond allows you to put away a small amount of money every month for a special child in your life and could provide them with a tax-free lump sum to help them take their first footsteps into adult life - buy their first car or help them get to university. It's a tax-free with-profits plan, which runs for a minimum of 10 years, which you can take out for any child under 16.

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