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Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity Credit Card (Credit Card)Visa Card
Get back in control with a simple, low rate and no need to switch, you can relax knowing there'll be no surprises in the future. Platinum Simplicity.
1. Apply online in 3 easy steps and, if approved, your Barclaycard could be with you in 5 working days
2. Simply our lowest APR - 7.9% interest on all purchases and on all balance transfers (no handling fee applies)
3. Your new Barclaycard will automatically be set up with paperless statements making it easier to manage your account online
4. Managing your account is easy
5. Purchase delivery protection
6. No missed payments with free alerts
7. Barclaycard Travel Service
8. Emergency help when you need it most
9. 24 hour service you can rely on
1. You must be earning 20000 or more a year in order to be eligible for this card
2. Default charges:
-Late payment:12
-Over credit limit: 12
-Returned payment: 12
Acceptance Criteria
Best suited for
1. Want a low rate for all your purchases and balance transfers
2. Have a excellent credit rating
3. You have no history of bankruptcy
4. You have not had any County Court Judgments (CCJs) or Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) registered against you in the past 5 years
5. You have a history of managing credit commitments well i.e. have existing credit and at least 4 years of experience managing credit cards, loans, overdraft or mortgage
6. You have always made payments on time
7. Don't already have a Barclaycard
8. Have had a permanent UK address for 3 months or more
9. Have a regular income of more than 20,000 pa
10. Excluding a mortgage, your debt on credit cards or store cards is less than 10% of your income
11. Are aged 21 or over
Chip & Pin: NoRebuild Credit: No
Costs, Rates & Fees
Representative APR: 7.9%
Credit Limit: £1,200.00
Balance Tranfer Rate: 7.9%Balance Tranfer Period:
New Purchase Rate: 7.9%New Purchase Period:
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