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Barclays Current Account (Current Account)
Customise your account with a range of Packs that cover gadgets, home appliances, travel and more. Simply add the Features that you want and leave out the ones that you don't. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply - read the policy documents so you know whats covered and whats not.
Location: UK
Account Name: Barclays Bank Account
1. Contactless debit card to make payments easier and faster (subject to status) 
2. Online Banking and Telephone Banking 
3. Access your account through Mobile Banking 
4. A network of more than 1,700 branches 
5. Draw on cheques paid in before they clear (subject to status and limit) 
6. Barclays loyalty mortgage – get a better mortgage deal (subject to status and availability) 
7. You can apply for an overdraft at 19.3% pa (variable)
8. Interest-free overdraft. When you add one or more of Packs to your Barclays Bank Account, you're eligible to apply for a 0% interest rate on the first £200 of your overdraft facility (maximum limit is £5,000).

Representative example:
Up to £200 – 0% interest pa (variable)
Over £200 and up to £5,000 – 19.3% interest pa (variable)
1. After being overdrawn more than £200 there is an overdraft rate of 19.3% 
2. Reserve Usage Fee £22 (one fee per period of ive consecutive working days starting on the day on which you go into your Personal Reserve). 
3. Returned Transaction Fee £8 per item 
4. Guaranteed Transaction Fee £8 per item
5. Same day transfer of money (outside of Barclays) in the UK using the CHAPS system £25 
6. Banker’s draft £15 
7. Copy Statement Charge (per request, per account) £5 
8. Stopped cheque £12.50 
9. Barclays Direct Presentation Service £20
You can also add further Packs and Features in the Features Store: 
1. The Features Store is an interactive hub that allows you to add the Features you want to your account 
2. Choose from a range of Packs that could cover your gadgets, home appliances and travel (fees apply) 
3. Add individual Features such as Text Alerts, Online Statements and a Personalised Debit Card

Interest AER: 0%Interest Gross: 0%
Interest Paid: DailyMinimum Income: £800
Overdraft Rate: 19.3%
Banking Charges: Reserve Usage Fee £22
Service Charges: Banker
Account Access: Online, Branch, Post, Tel
Withdrawal Access: Unlimited

Free Banking: YesDebit Card: Yes
Cheque Guarantee Card: YesStanding Orders: Yes
Direct Debits: YesOverdraft Facility: Yes
Account Manager: No

You must be 18 years or older
A Pack is a set of additional Features that can be added to a Barclays Bank Account for a monthly fee. 

The following monthly fees apply when you add a Pack to your Barclays Bank Account: 

1. Tech Pack £7.50 
2. Travel Pack £8.50 
3. Travel Plus Pack £13.50 
4. Home Pack £6.00
Introductions and Offers:
Terms and Conditions:
You must be 18 or over, a UK resident and have a regular income. You will not qualify if you are bankrupt, have a CCJ against you or are a full time student.

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