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Barclays Current Account Plus (Current Account)
If you want an account that gives you an interest-free overdraft 1 when money's a bit tight - plus a range of other benefits 2 - take a look at Current Account Plus. For 6.50 a month you get that little bit more, exactly when you need it the most.
Location: UK
Account Name: Barclays Current Account Plus
1. Online and Telephone Banking (subject to registration)
2. Barclays Visa Debit Card for withdrawals of up to 300 a day, subject to available funds 3. Access to a Personal Reserve 1 that gives you an extra buffer for life's little emergencies. 4. Identity Support Advice Line to help you protect yourself against identity theft
5. Cardholder Protection that covers you against the loss or theft of your cards and passport 6. Extended warranty cover for your domestic appliances.
7. Gadget insurance for things like your mp3 player (subject to registration)
8. Mobile Phone Insurance (subject to registration) and access to a free Legal Helpline
9. Interest-free overdraft up to 300
10. Overdrafts 301 to 5,000 18.3% pa (variable)
Representative example: Up to 300 0% interest pa (variable)
301 to 5,000 18.3% pa (variable)
1. You have to pay a monthly fee
2. There are more exclusive benefits with other accounts
1. Online Banking
2. Telephone Banking
3. Mobile Banking
4. Debit cards
5. Text Alerts with free Near Limit Alert text messages
6. A network of more than 1,700 branches

Interest AER: 0%Interest Gross: 0%
Interest Paid: DailyMinimum Income: 0
Overdraft Rate: 0% up to 300, for 301-5,000 18%
Banking Charges: 0
Service Charges: 0
Account Access: Online, Branch, Post, Tel
Withdrawal Access: N/A

Free Banking: NoDebit Card: Yes
Cheque Guarantee Card: YesStanding Orders: Yes
Direct Debits: YesOverdraft Facility: Yes
Account Manager: No

18 or over
1. Mobile phone insurance for loss, theft and accidental damage (subject to registration)
2. Extended warranty cover for domestic appliances
3. Gadget insurance for things like your mp3 player
4. Cardholder Protection, covering you against loss or theft of your cards or passporte
5. 24/7 legal advice helpline
6. Identity support helpline, for advice about identity theft
7. Barclays loyalty mortgages get a better mortgage deal (subject to status and availability) 8. Contactless debit cards to make payments easier and faster (subject to status)
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