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Want to support your team every time you spend? You can, with football credit cards. You can show your allegiance and earn reward points when you use football credit cards. Which Way To Pay compares football credit cards from all the top teams, and lets you apply directly. Many of the football credit cards on offer have a royalty system; so every time you use it, your club will receive a contribution to invest in the stars of the future (and at no extra cost to you). When you spend, you'll be helping to ensure the future of your club. Other benefits of football credit cards on offer can include; attractive balance transfer rates, low or non existing purchase fees, access to one of the largest credit card reward schemes, valuable 'money can't buy' rewards in association with your club, plus many more exclusive offers. The table below outlines all the details of football credit cards and also gives you the opportunity to apply directly for your very own card.

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Compare Football Credit Cards

Use a football credit card to support your favourite team as you spend.

What is a football credit card?

A football credit card is ideal for those who want to show support for their favourite football team. A football card carries all the benefits and features of a credit card but the card will have your clubís logo on. You can use the card as you would any credit card, in shops, online, over the phone and they have worldwide acceptance.

Often the way football credit card is that every time you use the card a donation is made to that club. You can therefore, invest in your teamís future and reap the benefits of supporting them.

Most football credit cards offer football related rewards and discounts on merchandise.

What are the risks?

Remember a football credit card is still ultimately a credit card. If you miss payments you will have to deal with expensive interest charges and other fees that can accumulate. Not only will you risk falling into debt but you will damage your credit rating which will affect your future chances of borrowing.

Choosing the best card

There can be some cards with great introductory rates but make sure you aware what happens when this period ends. Also make sure that besides any rewards offered with the card that you are still getting a good deal.

It is important that you take the time to research the market and find the card that best suits you and your team. The interest rates will be the most obvious feature to consider but make sure you read all the terms and conditions fully before you apply. Always be aware of what happens if you miss payments because the consequences can be severe. You can use the table above to compare different football cards and find a great deal.

How to choose the best football credit cards

Getting a football credit card is a great way to show your dedication to your favourite football team and giving something back to something close to your heart when you spend. Football credit cards, work in the same way as all other credit cards. You will be assigned a credit limit and an interest rate which you must ensure you compare before you commit to taking out a football credit card. Always read the terms and conditions so you can be sure you know what you are signing up for.


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