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HiFX is the UK's leading independent provider of foreign exchange services to private individuals and businesses around the globe. Every year they help over 30,000 private individuals buy and sell currency for a variety of reasons including overseas property acquisition, emigration and regular payments abroad (for pensions, mortgages, salary payments, school fees etc.).
Locations: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain
Forward ContractsRegular Payments
Online Trading
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1. 1.1% Spread/Margin* (*Transfer for over £10,000. Transfers under £10,000 will be processed at a greater margin. For discounted rates use HiFX Online).
2. No hidden transfer fees or bank charges.
3. Dedicated currency experts offering simple, jargon free advice.
4. Fast highly secure transfers for complete peace of mind.
5. Regular Payments Abroad service for pensions and mortgages etc.
6. Protection against adverse currency market movements.
7. Minimum £300 for regular currency transfers.
1. Minimum £5000 for one off transfers.
Terms and Conditions
Please see HIFX Website for Terms and Conditions.
You could potentially make huge savings by using a foreign currency specialist like HiFX who can offer you a better exchange rate and a more specialised service. But saving you money with great exchange rates is just the start. HiFX prides itself on excellent customer service. From the start, their team of experienced and friendly foreign exchange professionals ensure that every aspect of your currency transaction is as simple as possible. Throughout the process, their currency experts will 'hold your hand' providing straight forward explanations to all of your questions. They develop a precise understanding of your individual circumstances and then help you identify how best to achieve your objectives and protect yourself from adverse movements in the exchange rate.
Additional Services
1. One off international money transfers
2. Spot Contracts - Buy or sell a currency for immediate delivery.
3. Forward Contracts - Fix an exchange rate at which you buy or sell currency for delivery at a later date (up to two years). 
4. Stop Loss Orders - Set a minimum level at which you buy or sell your currency.
5. Limit Orders - Set a higher target exchange rate at which, if this rate is achieved, you buy or sell your currency.
6. Regular overseas payments service
7. Travel Money Online and UK and international mortgage
9. International property insurance
HiFX New Online Trading Platform
Customers converting from £250 to £10,000 can use the online service and benefit:
1. Discounted online exchange rates.
2. Live prices (the rate you see is the rate you get).
3. Debit and credit card facilities and No hidden charges.
5. Fast and highly secure international money transfers.
6. Coverage of all the major currencies (Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Canadian Dollar).
Whether you’re paying a bill overseas, topping up a bank account abroad or sending money to family and friends around the globe, HiFX Online makes international money transfers fast, easy and highly secure giving you complete peace of mind.
Transfer and Currency
Transfer Options:
UK Bank to Foreign Bank - Telegraphic Transfer / CHAPS / BACS / Credit Cards
Transfer Speed:
Usually, transfers to Western Europe and the US are made the same day. Funds traveling further east take 2 days.
Minimum Exchange: £250
Currencies Available: 30 Accounts
Trust Accounts: BARCLAYS Trust Accounts
Costs, Rates and Fees
Margin: 1.1%
Margin Explained: 1.1% from interbank for trades above 10k
Fee: £0.00
Improved FX Rate with Larger Volume: Yes
Online Registration: Yes
FCA Regulated: No
HM Revenue & Customs Regulated: Yes
HiFX (Which Way To Pay - 15/7/2008)

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