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Moneycorp is a foreign exchange and international payments specialist offering a quick, secure and cost-effective service. If you need to send money as a one-off payment for any reason – such as buying a property abroad, moving abroad, moving back to the UK or planning an overseas wedding – Moneycorp can help. They will monitor the currency markets on your behalf – achieving the best possible rates of foreign exchange, no matter how complex your requirements. Moneycorp offer better rates of exchange than a bank typically up to 3-4% and they offer free information and guidance on the markets, helping you decide on the best time to buy your foreign currency.
Locations: UK, USA, Spain
Forward ContractsRegular Payments
Hedging Service
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1. Their market expertise will get you the best exchange rate available, saving you money.
2. They can fix an exchange rate that will be valid up to two years, so you will know exactly how much foreign currency you will receive
3. Extended trading hours: 7:30am to 9:30pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays.
4. You will have no commission charges or receiving bank fees to pay
5. Moneycorp has been trading currencies since 1979, has been certified to ISO 9000 Quality Assurance since 1996 and last year traded over £11 billion in currencies.
6. The security of having The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) as a significant shareholder in the Company.
7. Moneycorp is a member of SWIFT (Society for World-wide Interbank Financial Telecommunications), the global platform for instant wiring of domestic and international money transfers. This provides you with increased speed and efficiency as well as more control over your transfers.
8. There is no cost and no obligation in opening a Trading Facility.
9. They offer a Regular Payment Plan (RPP) service to manage your regular overseas transfers, the minimum monthly amount that you can send is £250.
10. Moneycorp's flexibility means they can tailor their services to meet any foreign exchange requirement.
1. Minimum volume is £5000 on one off transfers.
Terms and Conditions
Transactions can only be booked verbally where the exchange rate is agreed. Once a deal is booked, a client will be sent a contract note by email, fax or post as confirmation.
Additional Services
1. Spot Contracts - Buy or sell a currency for immediate delivery.
2. Forward Contracts - Fix an exchange rate at which you buy or sell currency for delivery at a later date (up to two years). 
3. Stop Loss Orders - Set a minimum level at which you buy or sell your currency.
4. Limit Orders - Set a higher target exchange rate at which, if this rate is achieved, you buy or sell your currency.
5. Global Financial Services - Provided by 3 other trading divisions (includes: Retail Currency Services and Wholesale Currency Services).
Transfer and Currency
Transfer Options:
UK Bank to Foreign Bank or vice versa
Transfer Speed:
Usually, transfers to Western Europe and the US are made the same day. Funds travelling further east take 2 days.
Minimum Exchange: £1000
Currencies Available: 76 Accounts
Trust Accounts: BARCLAYS Trust Accounts
Costs, Rates and Fees
Margin: 1%
Margin Explained: 0.3-1% based on volume
Fee: £0.00
Improved FX Rate with Larger Volume: Yes
Online Registration: Yes
FCA Regulated: Yes
HM Revenue & Customs Regulated: Yes
Moneycorp (Which Way To Pay - 15/7/2008)
Moneycorp is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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