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World First
World First is the award-winning currency exchange company that makes transferring money overseas faster, cheaper and easier. They offer excellent exchange rates, great customer service and are FCA regulated. They won the 2015 Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200, 2014 European Business Award for Customer Focus and the 2013 Customer Experience Award (Financial Services – Banking and Investment). World First takes the safety and security of your money very seriously. They're FCA authorised and keep all client funds segregated from business funds in line with the regulations. They're totally transparent at every step of the way.
Locations: UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong
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Hedging Service
Online Trading
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1. Margin 0.25%-1.5% from spot rate guaranteed dependant on size and frequency.
2. Compared with banks, our rates can usually save you between 0.5% and 3% of the amount transacted ie up to £6000 on a £200000 transfer.
3. We keep you in touch with the status of your transfer and notify you at every stage of the process.
4. We can offer you forward contracts and other hedging options to protect you from currency movements and to fix the exchange rate for a transaction up to 3 years in the future.
5. Minimum one-off transfer £250 or sterling equivalent.
6. Minimum regular transfer £250.
7. No commission and no transfer fees for amounts over £250 or sterling equivalent .
1. We will need to undertake an ID / company check as part of the account opening process for both private and corporate clients respectively.
2. Your bank may charge you to transfer your funds to us, although the saving you will receive from using us will more than negate this.
Terms and Conditions
Additional Services
1. Spot contracts - Buy or sell currency for immediate delivery.
2. Forward contracts - Fix an exchange rate at which you buy or sell currency for delivery at a later date (up to one year).
3. Hedging strategies - tailored to fit your exposure, currency forecast and risk level. Enable you to protect yourself from adverse rate movements and benefit from favourable rate movements.
4. Stop loss orders - Set a minimum level at which you buy or sell your currency.
5. Limit orders - Set a higher target exchange rate at which, if this rate is achieved, you buy or sell your currency.
6. Daily market updates
7. Rate watch service
8. Overseas mortgages*
*World First does not arrange mortgages. We can put you in contact with a number of mortgage brokers who can help you find the most competitive product.
The Private Client Team works with individuals who are buying property abroad, emigrating or making one-off or regular money transfers. Each consultant at World First works with their clients to make sure they achieve the best exchange rates possible in the time frame they specify.
The Corporate Team works with companies that either have overseas suppliers to pay, overseas revenues to repatriate or are investing abroad. Companies are guaranteed a package of low payment fees and unbeatable exchange rates.
Our staff's expertise and efficiency are renowned within the marketplace and the incredibly high levels of customer satisfaction we receive during the feedback process reinforces the World First pledge of a best service guarantee as well as a "best exchange rate guarantee".
Transfer and Currency
Transfer Options:
UK bank to foreign bank or vice versa
Transfer Speed:
EUR & USD next day, 2-5 days any other currency
Minimum Exchange: £250
Currencies Available: 52 Accounts
Trust Accounts: HSBC Trust Accounts
Costs, Rates and Fees
Margin: 0.7%
Margin Explained: 0.1% - 0.7% from interbank variable on volume
Fee: £0.00
Improved FX Rate with Larger Volume: Yes
Online Registration: Yes
FCA Regulated: Yes
HM Revenue & Customs Regulated: Yes
World First (Which Way To Pay - 17/7/2008)
World First is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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