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Worldwide Currencies
Personal Client consultants at Worldwide will work with you, discussing your currency requirements, explaining every step so that you can make a fully informed and confident currency decision. In addition to the standard currency transactions which can benefit you, our consultants also offer individually tailored products and services. Our business team can look at your currency trading history, and discuss a strategy for your future currency commitments encompassing the benefits of forward trading, market watch and stop/limit orders for your business.
Locations: UK
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1. Best exchange rates
2. Margin 0.2%-0.9% from spot rate guaranteed
3. No transfer fees
4. Same day delivery for €uro, US$ and CAD$
5. Personal a/c managers
6. Secure transfers
7. Pension/Mortgage regular payments
8. Peace of mind jargon free service
9. HM Customs & Revenue Regulated
10. On Line Registration
1. Minimum volume £1000
Terms and Conditions
Please see Worldwide Currencies website.
Additional Services
1. One off Money Transfers: (spot contract)
2. Forward Contract: Fix rate for any period up to two years
3. Option Dated Contract: Fix rate for any period up to two years, with drawdown facility prior to maturity
4. Stop/limit orders: Setting minimum or maximum rate target
5. All major currencies and most minors available
Transfer and Currency
Transfer Options:
UK Bank to Foreign Bank or Foreign Bank to UK Bank
Transfer Speed:
Same day delivery for Majors, 2 days for others
Minimum Exchange: £1000
Currencies Available: 25 Accounts
Trust Accounts:  Trust Accounts
Costs, Rates and Fees
Margin: 0.9%
Margin Explained: Max:0.9% Min:0.2% from Interbank spot rate
Fee: £0.00
Improved FX Rate with Larger Volume: Yes
Online Registration: Yes
FCA Regulated: No
HM Revenue & Customs Regulated: Yes
Worldwide Currencies (Which Way To Pay - 17/7/2008)

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