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Sainsburys Home Insurance (Home Insurance)
50 Sainsbury's Gift Card for new customers taking out a combined Sainsbury's Home Insurance policy direct.  Only one Gift Card per household.  Ends 31st August 2013 Up to 50% off if you have 5 years claim free.  Offer includes up to 25% introductory discount applied to annual home insurance premium, not additional extras.  Offer Extended to 9th of Sept 2013. Also enjoy up to 20% discount on your premium when you buy online. Plus 5,000 Nectar points when purchasing combined cover.  Only 1 award of 5,000 points per household; points issued 60 days after start date, provided still live. Ends 9th September 2013 New Customers Only.
Location: UK
1. Up to 50% off if you have 5 years claims free - ends 30th November 2012
2. Up to 20% discount on your premium when you buy online.
3. Customers who buy a combined buildings and contents home insurance policy will also get a 30 Sainsbury's Gift Card - ends 30th November 2012
4. Up to 15% discount on your premium. At least 10% of Nectar customers who are Sainsbury's shoppers receive a discount of 15%, based on loyalty information.
5. Double Nectar points for two years on Sainsbury's shopping when you buy new combined buildings & contents Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance.
6. 12 months guarantee on repairs (Permanent buildings repairs carried out by our approved contractors)
7. Household removal- cover whilst you move home (Up to contents sum insured)
New customers only
1. Exclusions apply to this policy.
With the new specified items cover, detail your high-value / high risk items over 1,500 such as jewellery or audio - visual equiptment.

Home Insurance Type: Home Insurance Provider
Home Information:
All Houses.

Policy Name: Sainsburys Home Insurance
Policy Cost: Ask on application
Policy Excess: 75

Cover Type: Contents and Building Insurance
Cover Level: Standard - Advance
Cover Detail:
We cover the following as standard:
Damage, including: TV, video and audio equipment
Computer equipment
Underground pipes and drains
Underground tanks
Glass in furniture and mirrors
Sanitary ware Treasured possessions:
Additional cover starting from 5,000
Cover for high risk items such TVs, PCs, laptops, antiques and jewellery
We can also cover you for the following with an extra premium:
Accidental damage including:
DIY mishaps
Damage caused by pets
Spillages on carpets
Extended protection:
For personal belongings when you're away from home
For your children's belongings in student premises
Personal belongings:
Insure against loss and damage up to 1,500
Mobile phone cover up to 500
Includes cost of calls made between time of theft and reporting - up to 25
Includes cost of calls made to friends and family to give new mobile number - up to 25

Suitable For:
If you have a nectar card
See policy wording for exclusions
There will be a minimum recommended Contents sum insured based on the details you've provided, please think carefully about the amount as you may wish to increase it. This recommended figure cannot be reduced.
Up to 50% off if you have 5 years claims free - ends 30th November 2012
And - Up to 20% discount on your premium when you buy online.

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: St Andrew
Pay Monthly: Yes
Sainsburys Home Insurance (Which Way To Pay - 21/12/2011)
Sainsburys Home Insurance is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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