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Welcome to the Insurance area. We compare a large range of insurance policies in order to help you find the best insurance for your circumstances. There is also an online quote system which can aid you by automatically comparing numerous quotes from different insurance companies in order to find you the cheapest deal. Read the terms and conditions of any insurance policy before you buy.


Compare Insurance Products

As a regular person in Britain, you are likely to have at least one insurance policy. This might be the compulsory cover you have on your car or other vehicle and at least one other optional insurance policy. You might be looking for private healthcare for yourself and your loved ones, home insurance for your property or the contents of your home (or both!) Or you might be on the lookout for a good insurance policy to cover your own life, your travels abroad and within the country, additional vehicle insurance and cover to pay for your pets especially if they need vet care. To find a good insurance deal it is essential to take some time and compare insurance providers. This is especially important because there are now so many insurance companies which offer specialist or general insurance.

Vehicle Insurance

According to the Road Traffic Act 1988, in the UK all motorists must be either insured, have a security or have made a specific deposit of 500,000 with the Accountant General of the Supreme Court to cover for their liability for the injury to others and for damage to other people's property resulting from use of a vehicle on public roads. This is the basic level of insurance cover that all people need, yet you can find further insurance to cover yourself and your car for other areas such as breakdown cover and windscreen and window repairs. By getting a good insurance policy you could receive a free courtesy car and a 24-hour helpline in case you run into trouble or want to make a claim. As there are a variety of vehicle insurance deals on offer it is wise to spend a few minutes to compare insurance companies in detail. We cover car insurance, motorbike insurance, van insurance and more.

Travel Insurance

Whether you plan to go travelling within the country or overseas, you can find a good range of travel insurance policies to cover yourself and your family. All kinds of things can crop up when you're travelling, such as delayed and/or cancelled flights, lost baggage, medical emergencies, stolen wallet and/or passport and so on. With some travel insurance policies you can even receive cover for the event that your tour operator or airline goes bankrupt in such a case you would like to know that your non-refundable expenses are covered and if you are far from home that you can return!

As there are many types of travel insurance on offer it is wise to spend a few minutes to compare travel insurance companies and deals. You can get specialist travel insurance policies for particular types of travel such as a ski or winter sport holiday or long-term backpacker cover.

Home Insurance

Home, contents and/or building insurance is a vital part of many people's lives. A standard home insurance or combined home and contents policy can cover your home and/or contents against a wide range of events, such as fire, flooding, storms, theft and much more. Unfortunately, burglary is a crime which affects many people living in Britain and by taking a home insurance policy you can cover any stolen possessions as well as money to replace damaged ones. An average home insurance premium is only 130 a year.

Many insurers now offer special deals aimed at social tenants, which can be as low as 1 a week. You can also take building insurance which covers you for when you need to rebuild even your garage, garden buildings and paths and a number of other items are covered for the full cost of rebuilding. Perhaps you have installed solar energy panels or wind energy these are all covered by a good insurer. People who have small families often like to make sure that the contents of their home are insured against accidental damage. Children can easily knock over items or break things make sure the damage caused is covered. Compare home insurance policies carefully to ensure you get the deal you want.

Landlord Insurance

Those who let out their property/properties to tenants require a good landlord insurance policy. Regular home insurance may not provide enough cover, but luckily you can get specialised Landlord Insurance, which offers all the relevant features that a landlord looks for. For example, what were to happen if the tenants ceased to pay the rent? What if damage to the building occurred, making it uninhabitable? A landlord insurance policy generally covers areas such as legal expenses, in case a dispute arises and liability cover.

In addition, landlord insurance often includes vital aspects such as landlord contents insurance and vacant premises cover. As with many types of insurance, there are usually many different features offered by different providers. For this reason it is always recommended to choose carefully, compare the landlord insurance policies offered and ensure that the right policy is purchased.

Business Insurance

If you run a business, no matter how large or small, you will need some business insurance to cover yourself, your company, your employees and your clients. In the UK, some business insurance is required by law yet there are many different types of additional cover that the majority of businesses choose to take on top of the legal requirement. After all, it is prudent to ensure that all areas of risk are safely covered.

If something goes wrong within your business, this can lead to disastrous consequences as far as financial fallout and organization are concerned. Often, a mistake or problem can go unnoticed for some time leading to a difficult situation to resolve. With the right business insurance policy in place you can prevent a wide range of scenarios from causing long-lasting difficulties for you and your company. Use the table below to find the business insurance you need.

Life Insurance

There are a range of policies to for Life Insurance. For people who fit certain eligibility, the Government provides some benefits for areas such as funeral payment, and money for the bereaved. However, not all people suit the criteria and for them, a life insurance policy can cover those needs as well as other areas. For example, you might want to provide your family and loved ones with more financial security in case you die or perhaps you want to cover your interest-only mortgage. You can tailor your life insurance policy you can choose to take cover which lasts the rest of your life or one that covers for a set amount of years (for example until your offspring reach independent ages).

Health Insurance

Everyone in the United Kingdom can receive healthcare under the National Health Service (the NHS) and while this can be an excellent service in emergency situations, there are unfortunately still large waiting lists regular waiting lists on the NHS have been estimated by some sources to be well over 220,500 people.

Private medical health insurance gives you the chance to receive faster access to treatment and more choice, such as deciding which medical specialist treats you, which hospital you are sent to and when you are to be treated. You can also take children's medical insurance and dental insurance. Our children's health is the most important thing to many people so avoiding long waiting lists and getting prompt treatment is a great relief. A specialist insurance policy can be made to cover your child (or children). A dental insurance policy can cover your NHS treatment costs and you can receive all of your money back for NHS dental treatments and appointments. Use the table below to work out what sort of health insurance you need.

Pet Insurance

'An Englishman's dog is his best friend' so goes the saying. The fact is that a huge number of people in Britain have dogs and cats that can become an important part of their- and their family's lives. Getting peace of mind is possible by taking pet insurance. Pet insurance can cover your pets in the event of illness or injury. Everyone knows that veterinary fees can be high so a good pet insurance policy will deal with these up to several thousand pounds every year.

Some insurers can even cover for kennel and cattery fees if you are required to leave home to go to hospital for up to three days and nights. Note that many pet insurance policies only provide cat and dog cover but there are some companies that offer insurance for other types of animals (such as birds, reptiles and rodents).

PPI - Payment Protection Insurance

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is sometimes referred to as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance (ASU) or just simply Unemployment insurance. PPI insurance covers you in the event that you lose your income as a result of losing your job, or being unable to work due to an accident or an illness. With the insurance policy, you will receive 12 months' of tax-free monthly cash payments.

You may have heard of PPI being sold alongside loans or credit cards, but not only are the rules changing regarding this type of insurance, there are also many other areas that you can get protection insurance. For instance, you can also protect your income or your mortgage. With a wide range of policies available today, you can choose your own level and length of cover. You can also decide if you need protection for your salary, your rent payments or your mortgage payments.

Gadget Insurance

Many of us are not aware of the value of the things we carry around in our briefcases, handbags or satchels. Most equipment that we take for granted such as your Smartphone or laptop are expensive pieces of kit. Add up the electronic gadgets you own, compare these with the price of insurance cover and you might realise why gadget insurance is a sensible precaution. Whether you want to cover your mobile phone, laptop, MP3 player (iPod), camera, sat nav or portable games console, there are now specialist gadget insurance providers who can help you.

Gadget insurance is a great way to ensure that you won't be caught out if your gadget is stolen, lost, damaged or simply fails to work. Most people rely heavily on a range of gadgets for personal use and work, from staying in touch with friends to recording important data. The right gadget insurance policy can cover your risk now. See the table below for gadget insurance policies.

Wedding Insurance

With the average wedding costing 20,000, it is no surprise that you want peace of mind knowing that if the unexpected happens, you are financially covered for your special day. However, if the worst does happen, and you find that you do need to cancel your wedding, having the right wedding insurance in place will help you with the cost to re-arrange the wedding.

There is a range of competitive wedding insurance offers.

Student Insurance

For students heading off to university it is an exciting time. Leaving home and starting out on your own is a big step and as life can be full of surprises you should make sure you are protected should the worst happen. Insurance is important for students who are unfortunately a high risk target for thieves. As a student you will want an affordable policy that suits your student lifestyle and your budget. By choosing an insurance policy that is specifically geared towards students you can find the right cover at the right price. Student insurance can provide cover for laptops, bicycles, instruments, sports equipment, mp3 players and many other optional extras. Insurance will allow you to enjoy the student life and concentrate on your studies while giving you the peace of mind that should the unexpected happen your possessions and belongings are properly covered.

Before applying it is important that you take the time to understand what you want included in your policy and make sure you compare different student insurance companies. This will help you find the best policy for you and will alert you to any available offers and deals that can save you money. Most insurance companies offer free, no obligation quotes so it is worth your while researching the market.


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