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Foresters Friendly Society stocks and shares ISA (Investment ISA)
Foresters Friendly Society stocks & shares ISA is a smart, tax-efficient way to save monthly. It's flexible too you can access your money or change your monthly Direct Debit amount as it suits you. If you already have a cash ISA, you can transfer it to our stocks & shares ISA for potentially more growth over the long term.
Location: UK
1. Save on a monthly basis or invest a lump sum.
2. Annual bonuses may be added to your stocks and shares ISA, with the value of these depending on how much profit the With Profits Fund makes and how we decide to distribute it. The addition of bonuses is not guaranteed and therefore it is possible that the ISA might not receive any annual and/or final bonus from the With Profits Fund. If you're interested in our ISA rates, take a look at our most recent bonus rates.
3. Access your money when you want
4. Keep your ISA as long as you want.
5. Your partner can take out their own ISA as well.
6. Automatically become a Member and access great benefits.
1. The amount paid on death may be subject to inheritance tax.
2. We will not be able to accept contributions in excess of each year's permitted limits.
3. Your circumstances may change, forcing you to cash in your ISA.
4. The Annual Management Charge is initially set at 2% per annum of the value of your ISA. It will not exceed 3% of the value of your ISA in any one year.
There is an Annual Management Charge which is initially set at 2% of the value of your ISA, which will be taken into account when applying bonuses. It will not exceed 3% of the value of your ISA in any one year.

AER Rate: Dependent on trust
Interest Paid: Annual bonuses once a year
Notice Period: Aim of being fair to all members
Min Deposit: 250
Max Deposit: 10,200
Initial Fee: 0
Exit Fee: Aim of being fair to all members
Annual Management Fee: 0% - 3%

For more detailed information on how we manage this fund take a look at ' How you share in the profits of Foresters'.
Suitable For:
Anyone who can afford to put the lump sum or monthly contributions aside
If you cash in during the early years you could get back less than you have paid in.
As there are no time restrictions on how long you can keep your money in a stocks and shares ISA, you can let it run for as long as you want
Introductory Offer:
Terms and Conditions:
You can withdraw money from your Foresters Friendly Society ISA anytime. The minimum withdrawal that you can make is 250 so long as the value that remains in your ISA after the withdrawal is at least 250
Foresters Friendly Society Stocks And Shares ISA (Which Way To Pay - 7/7/2011)
Foresters Friendly Society Stocks And Shares ISA is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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