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Net Lawman (Legal Documentation)
Net Lawman's organisational goal is to provide best quality, cost effective, easily accessible legal services to the World. We operate strictly in 'plain English' and believe that the way forward for businesses and legal firms alike, is transparency and comprehensiveness. We have the largest collection of legal documents for sale in UK over the Internet. We believe they provide the best quality documents and customer service which goes above and beyond the norm. Our documents are carefully drawn by solicitors with over 20 year’s experience.
1. We have the most comprehensive range of forms on the net.
2. All forms are available with explanatory notes on how to use.
3. Most forms are available with a completed example so you have confidence knowing how to complete the form.
4. Most forms are provided in pdf format and Word too. Edit in your computer, or print and complete by hand, as you prefer.
5. We have professional advisors ready to provide additional legal advice at any time. You are never alone.
1. Remember the law does change – a document you buy today may be out of date next week.
Net Lawman offer a comprehensive set of legal documents, legal forms and legal advice online.

Product Type: Legal Documents
Product Price: Depends on document
Product Detail:
1. Legal Documents
2. Tennancy Agreements
3. Legal Drafting
4. Property Advice Service
5. Law Professionals

Application Methods: Online

Net Lawman is for anyone who needs a legal document or form
You must be over 18
Their most standard quote is three hours for almost any type of document. However, if your requirements are complex, they may well charge more.
Net Lawman (Which Way To Pay - 3/10/2012)
Net Lawman is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating
Net Lawman
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