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OnlineNet Lawman is for anyone who needs a legal document or formTheir most standard quote is three hours for almost any type of document. However, if your requirements are complex, they may well charge more.
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1. DIY Divorce Services:
With a diy divorce you will receive all the forms you need for your divorce. These forms are completed for you but you then have to file the divorce at court yourself and then deal with the administrative side of the proceedings yourself. Divorce Online only advise using this service if you are confident with dealing with beaurocracy.
The cost for this service is £65.00
2. Managed Divorce Services:
With a managed divorce your forms are completed for you. Then all the proceedings from filing the divorce, applying for decrees and dealing with court correspondence and chasing them are dealt with for you by our experienced divorce team.
This is the most popular option on Divorce-online and with the fee fixed at just £189.00.
Online, PhoneFor people looking for low cost DIY divorce services or want to have the whole process managed for them from start to finish.Everybody has to pay court fees for their divorce unless they are on certain benefits or a low income. The court fees are £340 to issue your divorce and £45.00 for your final decree.

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