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Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus plan (Life Insurance)
The Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus Plan is designed to provide a one off payment when you die. This cash could be used to pay for funeral expenses, any loans or bills you may still have to pay or to leave as a gift. The maximum cover you can apply for is 25,000 and is dependent on your gender, age and the amount of cover you choose.
Location: UK
1. No medical or health questions.
2. Guaranteed acceptance if you're aged 50 to 80 and a UK resident.
3. Get an extra 10% with our Funeral Benefit Option.
4. Your family will get a cash lump sum to help with funeral expenses and unpaid bills.
5. The guaranteed sum could also be a gift for your grandchildren.
6. Get up to 25,000 of cover.
7. Cover from just 5 a month
8. Your premium is fixed.
9. The amount of cover depends on your age and gender
10. Your spouse or partner can also apply.
11. Cover continues for free when you're 90.
12. Their claims process is simple and efficient.
13. Choose a free gift when your plan starts
1. Limitations and restrictions apply.
2. If you die in the first year of your plan, your family may only get what you've paid in.
3. If you cancel your plan, you won't get back any premiums you've paid.
4. Premiums paid might be more than the cash sum paid when you die.
1. No minimum amount of cover.
2. You can choose from level or decreasing cover.

Life Insurance Type: Life Insurance Provider
Person Information:
If you are aged between 50 - 80 years old.

Policy Name: Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus plan
Policy Cost: From 5
Policy Excess: Varies

Cover Type: Level or Decreasing Cover
Cover Level: Dependent on age and gender
Cover Detail: Get up to 25,000 of cover

Suitable For:
Aged 50 - 80 years old.
You must be a UK resident.
You are aged between 50 - 80 years old.
Get an extra 10% with the Funeral Benefit Option.

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Ask on application
Pay Monthly: No

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