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Virgin Life Insurance (Life Insurance)
At Virgin Money we can offer you great value life insurance, plus youíll receive £50 of Marks and Spencer vouchers as a thank you when you take out a policy. Itís flexible too, so as your life changes you can increase your cover to meet your needs. This is subject to terms and conditions and the amount you pay will increase if you increase your cover. Premiums are dependant upon your circumstances, but start from £5 a month.
Location: UK
Choose from Level life cover, Decreasing life cover or Joint life cover
Quick and simple to apply online
Get 30GBP of E-Giftcards when you take out life insurance (terms apply)
Must be aged between 18 and 64
Must pay more for cover if you are unable to work more than 6 months due to illness or injury
Special extra cover if you get married

Life Insurance Type: Life Insurance Provider
Person Information:
Between ages of 18-64 years old

Policy Name: Virgin Life Insurance
Policy Cost: Dependent on Cover
Policy Excess: Not stated

Cover Type: Level life, Decreasing Life, Joint life
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail:

Level Life:

  • Your family will receive a cash sum if you die during the cover period.
  • With level cover the amount that would be paid out stays the same throughout the cover period.
  • The money can be enough to cover your family's expenses such as mortgage, childcare fees and everyday living costs.
  • If you're diagnosed with a terminal illness the money could be paid early.
  • Your monthly payments are guaranteed not to increase unless you change your cover.
  • For an extra amount, you can arrange to have your payments waived if you're unable to work for more than 6 months because of illness or injury. This means that your cover will continue and you won't have to pay the premiums until you're fit enough to return to work (subject to certain criteria and only available if you arrange cover over the phone).
  • Special event option - you can take out extra cover when you get married, register a civil partnership, have a child or adopt a child, without giving any extra information about your health, job or lifestyle.

Suitable For:
UK residents aged 18-64
Not avaialble over age 64
UK and Ireland
Enjoy £50 of M&S vouchers when you take out flexible life insurance with Virgin Money

Application Methods: Online, telephone
Pay Monthly: Yes

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