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ELIFE.CO.UK (Life Insurance)
eLife make it even easier for you to protect your familyís future for less. Apply online for your life insurance and you can get covered in less than 20 minutes! Pay for your policy online and manage your policy details online 24/7. It is 100% online.
Location: UK
1. Itís fast. Get covered in under 20 minutes
2. Itís secure. Pay for your policy online
3. Itís easy. Manage your policy details online 24/7
4. Itís 100% online
1. The sum insured is payable only once; either in the event of death or earlier diagnosed Terminal Illness. In the case of a joint life policy the sum insured is payable on the first death of either life insured, and the policy will end.
2. Once the sum insured has been paid out there are no further premiums to pay and the policy ends. The policy has no cash in value at any time.
You can add Waiver of Premium or Guaranteed Insurability to your eLife Insurance policy.

Life Insurance Type: Life Insurance Provider
Person Information:
Aged 18 or over and under 46 years of age at the policy Start Date

Policy Name: eLife Insurance
Policy Cost: Varies
Policy Excess: Varies

Cover Type: Life Cover/Decreasing Cover/Increasing Cover
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail:

Level Term Insurance Ė the sum insured and the premium are fixed for the whole of the policy term

Increasing Term Insurance Ė the sum insured and the premium increase every year, the amount of the increase is determined by the appropriate Retail Price Index

Decreasing Term Insurance Ė the premium is fixed for the whole of the Policy Term but the sum insured will reduce during the Policy Term

Suitable For:
Online Life insurance
Exclusions for suicide
This life cover is available for you if you are Permanently Resident in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and aged 18 or over and under 46 years of age at the policy Start Date

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: ACE Europe Life Limited
Pay Monthly: Yes

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