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Welcome to the Money area. If you are looking for an overseas mortgage then you will find differnet companies compared on this site. If you have mounting debt and are looking to pay it off there are also various solutions compared in the Money comparison verticals. Consider your options carefully, read the terms and conditions and if you have any queries seek independent financial advice.


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Today, consumers are constantly looking around for new ways to make the most of their money. Whether you are looking to open a new bank account or wish to accumulate wealth via a savings account, you will find a wide range of services to compare. For people who have bought a property abroad and wish to set up an overseas mortgage, it is wise to shop around and weigh up which service is the best value – both in expertise and experience but also by way of any fees and charges. To clear out severe debts, have a look through the IVA and debt management area for a possible solution. Simply click on the links below to view the relevant comparison pages.

Overseas Mortgages

Investing your money in a property abroad can be a big step, and the many elements involved can make it a bit of a minefield. You may have found a good foreign exchange specialist in order to make the most of your money, and now you are faced with the overseas mortgage. Language barriers, differences in rules and regulations - these are just some of the things that you will very possibly encounter. That is why it is wise to invest in the help of an overseas mortgage broker. They will be your guiding hand and take you through a complicated process, making it much easier to manage.

IVA - Individual Voluntary Agreement

An IVA or Individual Voluntary Agreement is a contract or deal you make with your creditors (those you owe money to). It is for people whose only other option is to go bankrupt, and it offers an alternative to bankruptcy. Under an IVA the applicant will tell their creditors that there is no way they can be paid back all the money that is owed. The applicant explains that their only other option is bankruptcy. Under an IVA you are offering your creditors a deal: you'll pay back a percentage of money owed in settlement of the debt, or you'll have no option but to make yourself bankrupt.

A typical IVA works like this: you promise to pay a monthly sum of money over a period of time (usually between 1 and 5 years). The sum of money will invariably be less than the total amount you owe to your creditors. In return your creditors agree to take this lesser amount you are offering to pay as an end to the matter. Furthermore, they are not allowed to chase you for money any longer. As the law says, they take the lesser amount you are paying as “full and final settlement” of the money they are owed. Effectively it is a settlement that is beneficial to all parties – the creditors will receive a payment, and the applicant will not be made bankrupt.

Debt Management

Debt management plans are provided by insolvency practitioners and are an alternative to getting an IVA. While an IVA offers an agreement between you and your creditors and offers a last resort before bankruptcy, a debt management service can offer a range of debt-solving plans.

Seeking debt management is the first step towards a clearer financial future, and a debt management service can help you in a variety of ways. The debt management company might offer to carry out a full means test on you; this is especially useful if your financial circumstances have suddenly changed (perhaps you have lost your job or been given a pay cut).

So, you might be struggling to deal with mounting debts – the debt management plan will give you a way to cope with them. The debt management company will look at your individual case and work out how much you can actually afford to be paying on a regular basis. This will be a lower monthly payment with interest frozen or lowered. Next, the debt management company might even negotiate with your creditors on your behalf – a great relief to many people in severe debt.

Credit Reference Agencies

Do you know what is in your credit report? What do banks and lenders see when they assess you? You can find out for free by registering to view your credit report for free. Over the past few years, many more people are choosing to check their own credit files in an effort to improve them for the future. You can check your credit report to see if there are any errors, any old information that needs updating and request to have these changed. The earlier you do this, the better – so that your chances of passing your next loan or credit application are improved.

You can check your credit report for free by subscribing at one of the main agencies who provide this service. Most of them offer a free trial after which you will be charged for regular updates – make sure you request to cancel your subscription if you want don't want to pay for this.

Claims Services

Claiming compensation is an important move for lots of people who have been affected by unfair bank charges or credit card fees, an injury in a public- or workplace that was not their fault or those who have been mis-sold a financial product. You can take steps yourself to claiming back money, perhaps by using a template claim letter, but any legal process can be complex to fight on your own!

Fortunately, there are plenty of good claims specialists who often offer a straightforward 'no win no fee' service. That means, they will take over your case, fight your corner and not take a penny for the service unless the case is successful. In the event that your case wins then they usually claim a small percentage of your compensation.

Legal Services

There are a number of reasons why why you might need legal assistance. Whether you need help in creating legal documents, you need help with your taxes or you want legal advice for a variety of instances a legal service can be your helping hand. The main advantage of using a legal service is that you will work with lawyers and legal experts who will be able to offer you their knowledge and expertise giving you the best chance of succeeding. Looking for legal services can be stressful and the language and processes can often be unfamiliar. However, with a legal service they will be able to offer you jargon-free assistance that is easy to understand whenever you need. With a strong legal team behind you, you can depend on advice and support whenever you need.

If you need legal assistance make sure you find the service that best helps you achieve your goals. It is important that you take the time to research the market so that you can find the service that best suits you and your needs. Some services will offer you a free quote of how much it will cost which can be very useful. The exact amount a legal service can cost will vary case by case and depends on the service you use. Each firm will have their own fee structure so it is important that you understand what you are paying for before you sign. It is wise to avoid companies which are unwilling to disclose how much you will pay.

Current Accounts

If you need a useful and simple way to handle your money, a current account offers this facility. Offered by most banks and building societies, most UK adults have (or have had) a current account at one time or another. Alongside a safe place for money to sit and be accessible at any time, current accounts usually carry a Debit card for making payments and withdrawing cash. In addition, your account might have an overdraft facility – though this is not always an automatic feature.

In many cases, the account holder must first complete a probationary period before the bank or building society will offer an overdraft facility. It is often possible to request an extension to an existing overdraft but this will be subject to a credit check by the bank/building society. Interest is earned on money 'in credit' and will be paid if you go into your overdraft (sometimes referred to as 'being in the minus' or 'in the red'). The amount of interest you will be offered/charged depends on your account – so make sure you compare this aspect when shopping around for a new current account.


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