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The Co-operative CIS Stakeholder Pension (Stakeholder Pensions)
The co-operative CIS Stakeholder Pension offers you an affordable way to plan for your future. You can invest with a minimum of £20 and you are able to stop, start or alter your payments at any time you want. You can easily apply by downloading an application form online. Before you decide to invest money with the Co-operative CIS stakeholder pension it is worth reading the terms and conditions thoroughly in order to ensure that this is the right scheme for you. Pension schemes can be complicated. If in doubt seek independent financial advice.
Location: UK
1. You can convert all your pension which will be taxable or you can take up to 25% of the plan value as a tax free cash sum in return for a smaller taxable pension.
2. On the 10th Anniversary of your plan, the annual management charge will reduce to 1% of the value of the funds you accumulate.
3. You have 30 days in which you can change your mind and The co-operative will give you and/your employer your money back
1. What you get back depends on investment performance up to your retirement date, interest rates and when you retire.
2. The co-operative take some or all of the annual charge from your capital.
3. Your plan could invest in a range of funds which include stocks and shares, and carry differing leves of risk. Whichever funds you choose, the value of your plan could go down as well as up.
1. You can invest the contributions paid by you and your employer in one or more of the managed funds or the lifestyle option. Unless you state otherwise on the application form, they will invest your contributions through the CIS With-profits Stakeholder Fund with Lifestyle.

Min Investments: £20
SIPP Options: No
Rate: Dependent of product
Fees/Charges: 1%
Fund Options: 7

Suitable For:
Must be UK resident
Must be 50 years old to withdraw funds
1. You cannot withdrawn your funds until 50 years old (55 years in April 2010)
2. You cannot cash in your plan - you can transfer it, in full, to another pension provider or to a company pension scheme.
3. The HM Revenue and Customs sets a limit on the amount each tax year that can be contributed to a stakeholder pension. Up to £3600 including basic rate tax relief can be contributed each tax year into personal pension and/or stakeholder pension plans regardless of earnings.
1. The minimum contribution including tax relief is £20 for both monthly contributions and single contributions. Monthly contributions are normally payable by direct debit, single contributions by cheque.
Terms and Conditions:
1. You cannot withdrawn your funds until 50 years old (55 years in April 2010)
The Co-operative CIS Stakeholder Pension (Which Way To Pay - 5/3/2010)
The Co-operative CIS Stakeholder Pension is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating

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The Co-operative CIS Stakeholder Pension
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