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Aviva Personal Pension (Personal Pensions)
The Aviva Personal Pensions allows you to make one off or regular payments into your plan and the ability to stop, restart and change your payments to suit you. There are over 240 funds to choose from and when you reach retirement you have the option to retire gradually or full time. This pension give you flexibility and control over your investment. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of this pension scheme carefully before you invest your money. If you have any problems seek independent financial advice.
Location: UK
1. Choose from over 240 funds from some of the top names in investment management.
2. You receive tax relief on your payments, which is added to your pension fund.
3. You can make regular and/or one-off payments - and you can stop, restart and change your payments to suit your circumstances
4. Choose either full or semi-retirement with our range of income options
1. The value of your pension investment can go down as well as up and is not guaranteed.
2. If you take a break from your payemnts or reduce the amount you are paying into your pension fund, you will need to remember that Aviva will still apply charges.
1. You can choose from over 240 funds managed by some of the top names in investment management such as Fidelity and Invesco.
2. Your advisor will provide you with a personalised illustration. This will show you the effect of the annual fund charge and the cost of payments to your advisor.
3. Less than five years before your retirement, your fund will gradually be moved into the Retirement Protection Fund and Deposit Fund.
4.You have the choice to add the indexation feature to your pension (the ability to increase your payemnts in line with the National Earnings Index).

Min Investments: 200
SIPP Options: No
Rate: Dependent on fund
Fees/Charges: Dependent on fund
Fund Options: 184

Suitable For:
Employed, self-employed or not employed
Under 75 years of age
1. The minimum regular payment is 200 per month including tax relief and the minimum one-off payment is 10,000 including tax relief.
2. There is an overal limit set by HM Revenue & Customers (HMRC) called the Annual Allowance, which is 245,000 in the tax year 2009/10, rising to 255,000 by 2010/11.
1. You can usually take up to 25% of your fund as a tax-free lump sum.
2. The charge depends on your investment fund choice. Charges start from 1% of your plan value per year.
Terms and Conditions:
1. You can pay as much as you want to into your plan up to a maximum of 3,600 a year (inclusive of tax relief) even if you don't have any earnings or 100% of your UK taxable earnings if greater.
Aviva Personal Pension (Which Way To Pay - 5/3/2010)
Aviva Personal Pension is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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