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Barclays Stockbrokers PensionMaster (Self-Invested Personal Pensions)
Barclays Stockbroker Pension Master allows you to make your own pension decisions and choose how, when and where to invest. You must be sure that you are comfortable making your own investment decisions and that you have the relevant skills, experience and time to do this. As with all Self Invested Personal Pensions there is no guarantee that you will get back the full amount you invest.
Location: UK
1. No set up fees.
2. If you are fully invested in Funds Market funds, the annual administration charge will be waived.
3. All contributions to your PensionMaster are processed via the PensionMaster Administration team to ensure that basic rate tax relief is claimed on your behalf.
4. You can receive 25% of the pension fund value as a tax free lump sum the remaining benefits are drawn as a gradual income which is subject to your tax rate at that time, though this is potentially a lower tax rate than that you currently pay.
1. You need to be comfortable that you have the skill and experience to make your own investment decisions and have sufficient time to monitor investment performance.
2. Administrative charges 37.50 + VAT per quarter.
3. There are no guarantees you will get back the full amount you invest.
1. Barclays Stockbrokers Price Improver has links to more Market Makers than any other provider.
2. A quarterly printed report showing the value of your account will be sent to you.
3. You can request the Annual Report & Accounts for UK companies held in your account

Min Investments: Speak to Financial Advisor
SIPP Options: Yes
Rate: Varies
Fees/Charges: 37.50 + VAT per quarter
Fund Options: Speak to Financial Advisor

Suitable For:
Making your own investment decisions.
The earliest age you can take your funds is 55
1. You have to wait until you are age 55 before you can make any withdrawals.
1. You can add funds to your SIPP account in a number of ways. All contributions are subject to Annual Allowance and the Lifetime limit.
(a) Direct Debit
(b) Cheque
(c) Electronic transfer
(d) Transfer from an existing pension
2. Commission is charged per deal. Other charges and service restrictions may apply.
Terms and Conditions:
1. You have to wait until you are age 55 before you can make any withdrawals.

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