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Prudential Personal Pension (Personal Pensions)
The Prudential Personal Pension offers you a tax efficient and flexible way to save for your retirement. You are able to increase, decrease or stop and start payments at any time without penalty. Charges vary but are typically 1% of the total fund. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of this pension scheme before you invest with this pension scheme to ensure that your understand the process. Pension schemes can be complicated and if you are having trouble understanding the details seek financial advice.
Location: UK
1. Switch funds at any time with no switching charge.
2. Annual charges are currently about 1% of the total fund.
3. The fund managers will move your money automatically to less risky investments as you near your intended retirement date.
4. You can increase, decrease or stop and start payments at any time without an additional penalty.
1. Market Value Reduction may be applied to any switch out of the With-Profits Fund. Note that as a result of this the value of your fund might be reduced.
2. There are different risks for different funds.
3. The value of the investments that make up your scheme can go down as well as up. The value can even fall below the amount you invested.
4. If you start your scheme with a single payment and then cancel it within 30 days, you may get back less money than you paid in.
5. Inflation will reduce what you can buy in the future.
1. Prudential is committed to providing a broad range of investment funds by offering you the choice of selecting investment funds soley managed by Prudential or those managed by leading external investment managers.

Min Investments: Apply to confirm
SIPP Options: No.
Rate: Dependent on fund
Fees/Charges: 1%
Fund Options: 19

Suitable For:
Under 75 years old
The earliest age you can take your funds is 50
1. You cannot withdrawn money from the fund until you are 50 years old.
1. Prudential will send you annual statements to inform you how your pension is doing. Alternatively, you can email them for updates.
Terms and Conditions:
When you take out your scheme, you become a member of the Prudential Personal Pension Scheme.
Prudential Personal Pension (Which Way To Pay - 5/3/2010)
Prudential Personal Pension is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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