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Animal Friends Insurance (Pet Insurance)
Animal Friends Insurance offer dog and cat insurance from as little as £3.27 per month. They offer a variety of different policies with practical benefits. Some of these benefits include: Accidental damage cover - should your pet cause accidental damage to a third party’s personal property, advertising and Reward is also paid out should your pet run away or be stolen!
Location: UK
1. Up to £6000 vets fee cover for Dogs Insurance
2. Up to £2 million Public Liability Cover
3. Full Lifetime options offered – cover per condition per year
4. New pets taken on at any age, helping cover older pets too
5. Only one premium for dogs/cats under 8 or over 8
1. They do not provide cover for any illness, injury, symptoms or conditions that are pre-existing at the date you take out your policy which exist at the time you take out the policy or any matters related to them.
2. You must agree to all the presumptions on the website.
3. There is an excess on all policies.
1. They donate 100% of our net profits to helping animal charities worldwide
2. Interest free direct debit option on payments

Pet Insurance Type: Dog and Cat
Pet Information:
Policies for both Cats and Dogs

Policy Name: Dog & Cat Insurance
Policy Cost: Starting at £3.27 per month
Policy Excess: Varies on plan

Cover Type: Varies
Cover Level: Accident only - Prestige
Cover Detail:
1. Accident Only.
2. Basic Prime.
3. Prime Plus.
4. Superior Plus.
5. Prestige

Suitable For:
For Dog and Cat Insurance
1. You must be in the UK.
2. You must be the owner of the pet.
1. Vets fee cover protects from big unexpected bills
2. It ensures your pet gets the best treatment
3. Cover your pet for ongoing illnesses like arthritis
4. Covers you for claims made against you
5. Advertising and Reward cover helps find a lost pet
6. Cover for your pet on holiday
7. And much more to give you peace of mind!

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Limited
Pay Monthly: Yes

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