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John Lewis Pet Insurance (Pet Insurance)
John Lewis Pet Insurance provides long-term pet care for your cat or dog. So if they develop a condition that this policy covers you for, such as arthritis, they'll be covered each year up to the vet fee limit, provided that your policy is renewed and your premiums are paid. Three levels of cover to suit you and your pet. Pet cover from just £5 a month*. Cover for medication, surgical procedure and complementary treatment 24 hour help and advice with a team of vetfone nurses
Location: UK
Don't worry about unexpected vet's bills if your pet has an accident or develops an illness that this policy covers. Claim up to your cover limit every year your policy is renewed and your premiums are paid and up to date.
We can provide help for finding your cat or dog if itís stolen or goes missing. Claim up to £1,000 for advertising costs.
Don't worry if your pet falls ill - your vet can be paid directly, provided theyíre set up to take payments.
Financial protection if your pet accidentally damages someone elseís property, we could pay the repair costs even if youíre not legally liable.
There is no upper age limit on our policy and we can provide long term cover for your cat or dog.
1. Any preventative and elective treatments or routine examinations and treatment are excluded
2. Your pet wonít be covered for any medical condition (illness or injury) or symptoms they had before the policy start date or any that occur during the first 14 days of your insurance cover.
Optional Extras:
1. Physiotherapy
2. Hydrotherapy
3. Dental
4. Behavioural training
5. Nutritionist treatment

Pet Insurance Type: Dog and Cat
Pet Information:
Dog and Cat Insurance

Policy Name: John Lewis Pet Insurance
Policy Cost: Varies on policy chosen
Policy Excess: Varies on breed and age

Cover Type: Dog and Cat
Cover Level: Annual Cover, Individual Condition Cover, Lifelong Cover
Cover Detail:
1. Pets are covered if they travel abroad
2. Unexpected vet's bills
3. Help find cat or dog if it goes missing
4. Pays legal liability up to £2 million
5. No upper age limits

Suitable For:
For those seeking dog and cat insurance
The only benefit that stops is death from illness cover. When your pet is over 9 years old, we won't give you back the purchase price if they die or have to be put to sleep through illness or natural causes. All other benefits continue.
You can purchase Pet Insurance for your cat or dog as soon as they are over 8 weeks old and thereís no upper age limit.
1. When you insure more than one pet with us, we'll give you a 5% discount.

Application Methods: Online, Tel
Underwriter: John Lewis Partnership
Pay Monthly: Yes
John Lewis (Which Way To Pay - 27/1/2014)
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4 Star Rating

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John Lewis Pet Insurance
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