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Virgin Pet Insurance (Pet Insurance)
Virgin provides you with insurance at 3 levels of affordable cover for your cat or dog. If you insure more than one pet with them you will receive a 15% discount, plus you get a further 10% discount when you buy online. Get cover from just from 7.59 a month. Please remember that insurance policies vary and it is important to read the terms and conditions before you purchase anything to ensure that you are covered. If you need more information please don't hesitate to contact the company who will be able to answer any questions you may have. Click here for more information.
Location: UK
1. 3 levels of affordable cover for your cat or dog
2. Get 15% off if you insure more than 1 pet with us
3. Plus you get up to 10% discount when you buy online
4. From 7.59 a month
1. Exclusions and limitations apply to all policies.
2. You must pay an excess when you make a claim.
3. The following is not covered by Virgin Pet Insurance:
Any existing condition your pet has.
Any illness or disease in the first 14 days of cover.
Routine flea treatment, neutering or vaccinations.
Behavioral problems.
Prescription or dietary food
Dental treatment (unless due to accidental injury).
Virgin Pet Insurance can also cover the cost of:
Damage caused by your dog to a third party.
Advertising and a reward if your pet goes missing.
Kennel or cattery costs, if you are hospitalised by illness and can't look after them.

Pet Insurance Type: Dog and Cat
Pet Information:
Pet must be between 8 weeks and eleven years old.

Policy Name: Virgin Pet Insurance
Policy Cost: From 7.59 per month
Policy Excess: 70 - 80

Cover Type: Dog and Cat Insurance
Cover Level: Accident & illness extra, Accident & illness, Accidental injury
Cover Detail: Accidental injury
This is designed to help with one-off, unexpected costs if your pet is involved in an accident - whether it's a bad landing from a tree or a scrape with a passing motor, this low-cost cover will come to the rescue.
We'll pay up to 1,500 towards vet's fees for each injury caused by an accident, for up to 12 months. And there's no limit on the number of conditions you can claim for.

Accident and illness
This has limits on both the length of time and the amount we'll pay out for a claim, to help keep premiums affordable.

It covers accidents that might happen to your pet, as well as the costs of them being ill. We'll pay up to 3,000 for each condition for up to 12 months. There's no limit on the number of conditions you can claim for.

Accident and illness extra
If you're the sort of person who wants maximum peace of mind at a competitive price, this is the one for you. It offers the most comprehensive cover, paying vet fees for accidents and illness up to 6,000 for each condition no matter how long the treatment goes on for providing the cover remains in force. And of course there's no limit on the number of conditions you can claim for.

Whatever level of vet fees cover you take out, you can choose from a number of optional benefit bundles, that include extra cover for accidental death, theft and straying, kennel or cattery costs if you go into hospital, and the expense of cancelling or cutting short your holiday because your pet has an accident. It also includes liability cover for dogs - so if your pooch knocks down a neighbour's fence or takes a nip out of the seat of their pants, you're covered.

Suitable For:
For dog and cat insurance
See website for exclusions and limitations
Dog and Cat insurance
1. Apply online and receive a 10% discount.
2. 15% discount when you insure more than one pet.

Application Methods: Online.
Underwriter: UK Insurance Limited
Pay Monthly: Yes

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