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Please find a wide selection of pet insurance providers below. These pet insurance companies offer cover and peace of mind for owners of cats, dogs and in some cases other animals (such as reptiles and birds). Pet insurance can give you security in the event that your pet needs medical treatment for illness or injury. With vet bills on the rise more and more people are considering taking out insurance for their pets. What would you do if you beloved pet had an accident or fell ill and you couldnít afford the surgery or treatment that was necessary? Using the comparison table, you can compare which pet insurance provider fits your personal situation. Look at what sort of pet insurance policies they offer, how much is covered towards vet care and any other essential features which are important to you. Once you have found a suitable pet insurance service, just click on the 'More' button for more information or to make an application.

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Compare Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help pay the bills should your pet become ill or be injured in an accident.

Why do pets need insurance?

With vet bills on the rise more and more people are considering taking out insurance for their pets. If your pet were to have an accident or needed emergency medical treatment it can cost you hundreds of pounds. Imagine if you couldnít pay for the treatment and you had to have your pet put down?

For many responsible pet owners, insurance is one of the many ways of caring for their pet.

How does Pet Insurance work?

With pet insurance, by putting aside a small amount each month, you can have the peace of mind that should anything happen to your beloved pet, you will be able to provide the best medical care possible.

What animals are covered?

Cats and dogs are the most commonly owned pets and are easily to get insurance for. You can get other insurance for less common animals including horses, birds and rabbits and there are also specialist policies for more exotic pets including snakes and tarantulas.

Finding the right policy for you and your pet

When choosing a policy the amount you will pay depends on a range of variables including your petís age and its pedigree. You will find that the older your pet, the more expensive your policy will be because an older animal is more likely to incur injury or illness.

If your pet has a pre-existing medical condition such as cancer or arthritis you will struggle to find the insurance. Some policies also exclude treatment for hereditary conditions so make sure you check this in advance. When applying for a policy, be sure to disclose everything you can about your petís medical history.

It is important that you take the time to research the pet insurance market so you can find a policy that best suits you and your pet. Use the table above to compare different policies.


Make Sure Your Pet Is Cared For With Pet Insurance

20 February 2012
Which Way to Pay

With pet insurance you donít have to compromise on your petís health because of your finances.


Get Pet Insurance Today!

01 November 2011
Which Way to Pay

As a nation of animal lovers, many of us have pets, be they dogs, cats, horses or something a little more unusual. Whatever your preferred species, you know how much vet bills can reach. This is why pet insurance is so important.


Donít be DOGged by CATastrophic Vet Bills

11 August 2011
Which Way to Pay

If you have ever owned a pet, you know how much vet bills can reach. As a nation of animal-lovers, itís really important to get pet insurance, as you could be presented by a very difficult decision if your furry friend should fall ill or get into an accident.


Need To Insure Your Pet?

27 July 2011
Which Way to Pay

Whatever pet you have, whether you have a dog, cat, horse or snake, there are pet insurance policies to cover you. If you have been a pet owner for a while, you already know how much vet bills can be and how an unexpected bill can throw your personal finances out of kilter.


Peace Of Mind For Pet Owners

10 June 2011
Which Way To Pay

We love our pets and just like any other member of our family, weíll do anything we can to protect them against illness and injury. As responsible pet owners we make sure that our pets receive the best possible medical care when they need it, yet this can often come at a substantial cost.