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Shout Visa (Poor Rating Credit Card)Visa Card
The Shout Visa Card charges you a single monthly fee of 15 per 100 borrowed or part thereof, there is no interest or default charges on the account. There is also a cash advance feature which will enable you to apply for a cash advance of up to 50. Before you decide to apply for this poor credit credit card please make sure that you read the terms and conditions to ensure that you fully understand your financial obligations.
1. Up to 300 Unsecured Credit Limit
2. 0% Interest - A simple monthly charge only
3. Use wherever Visa Cards are accepted!
4. Visa Card with up to 300 credit limit
5. Poor Credit History Considered
6. Do not charge for late payments, overlimit balance and returned cheques
1. If you continue to miss repayments, your credit rating will be adversely affected and your account may be referred to a third party for debt collection and/or legal or proceedings may commence.
2. If your account is typically not paid off in full every month then this card may not be suitable for long term borrowing as there may be cheaper ways for you to obtain credit.
3. If you don't use your card you will still be charged a monthly fee of 3.50 for administative reasons
4. Cash withdrawals's cost 2.50 or 2.5%
Acceptance Criteria
1. You must be employed
2. You must have an email address
3. 800 net income per month
Chip & Pin: YesRebuild Credit: Yes
Costs, Rates & Fees
Representative APR: 627%
Representative Example:
If you spent 300 on a purchase transaction at the start of your agreement, incurred total monthly charges of 540 over a period of 20 months and made repayments in accordance with your Terms & Conditions, your APR would be 627% APR representative (variable).
Credit Limit: £3,000.00
Balance Tranfer Rate: Balance Tranfer Period: Until Repaid
New Purchase Rate: 0%New Purchase Period: 0

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