Aldermore Easy Access Business AccountAldermore Easy Access Business AccountBusiness Account1.10%1.10%YearlyOnline0,5%n/aNone
DETAIL INFORMATION >>Earn a competitive rate and take control of your business cash the easy way! The Easy Access Business Savings Account offers safe and secure online banking round the clock, UK businesses can open it in a few simple steps without having to change their current bank account. Expert advice is provided whenever you need it. Easy convenient and secure plus numerous awards are advantages which speak for themselves!
Shepherds Young Saver PlanShepherds Young Saver PlanChildrens AccountDependent on investmentDependent on investmentMaturityOnline. Post, TelN/A£0£0
DETAIL INFORMATION >>£30 Love2Shop gift card when you take out a plan today. Give your children a real head start. Our Young Saver Plan savings account lets you save up to £1200 a year TAX-EXEMPT with no tax to pay on the final lump sum and sickness benefits of up to £400 a month if your child is ill for 4 weeks or more.
Aldermore 2 years Fixed Rate Savings Account2 years Fixed Rate Savings AccountFixed Rate Account1.75% (1 year)ask on applikationDailyOnline, Post, Teln/an/anone
DETAIL INFORMATION >>If you have some money you would like to save for later you should protect it from the interest rate fluctuations by choosing a fixed rate savings account. Aldermore offers you a very secure and convenient place to let your money grow. Open your 2 years fixed rate savings account with already just £1000 – it’s easy and fast!
RBS Instant SaverRBS Instant SaverSavings Account0.75%0.75%YearlyTel, BranchN/ASee website for details.£0
DETAIL INFORMATION >>The RBS Instant Saver is perfect for you if you need a bit of extra help to reach your savings goals. With instant access to your month you can make a withdrawal whenever you choose. There are no withdrawal penalties, so you can take money out whenever you want. Watch your savings grow – interest is calculated daily and paid annually directly into your account. Take advantage of the online tools to help you set and reach your savings goals.
Shepherds Friendly University Savings PlanUniversity Savings PlanSavings AccountSee websiteSee websiteYearlyOnlineN/ASee website for details.£0
DETAIL INFORMATION >>The Shepherds Friendly University Savings Plan premiums start at £100 per month, aiming to cover tuition costs and more. Your savings will be tax-exempt, and your child’s final lump sums) will be tax-free. Your child can take the money in one lump sum, or in multiple lump sums between the ages of 18 and 21. Applying for the University Savings Plan is quick and easy, and the whole process can be completed online.
Aldermore Easy Access AccountAldermore Easy Access AccountEasy Access1.25%1.24%DailyInternet, Phone, PostN/AAsk on application£0
DETAIL INFORMATION >>Don't want to lock your money away? Our Easy Access Account gives you full flexibility - so you can withdraw cash or add to your funds whenever you like. You get the reassurance your savings are there when you need them - along with a great rate, too. Always read the terms and conditions of any bank account in which you want to invest your money to make sure that you fully understand how it works and what your financial obligations might be. Savings accounts vary so take time to compare them as carefully as possible.
Aldermore Notice Savings AccountNotice Savings AccountSavings Account1.30% (30 Day Notice)1.30% (30 Day Notice)DailyInternet, Phone, PostN/AAsk on application£0
DETAIL INFORMATION >>Want a great interest rate and added flexibility? Our Notice Savings Account gives you exactly that. Provided you stick to the notice period for withdrawing cash, you can make as many deposits and withdrawals as you like. Before you decide to invest take the time to make sure that htis is the savings account for you. Aldermore are very reliable but they do have different savings account options. Always read the terms and conditions in order to make sure that you fully understand how you are investing your money.
Aldermore 4 Year Fixed Rate Savings Account4 Year Fixed TermFixed Rate Account2.45%2.45%MaturityInternet, Phone, PostN/AFees occur if early withdrawal£0.00
DETAIL INFORMATION >>Protect your hard-earned savings from interest rate fluctuations with the Aldermore 4 year fixed rate savings account. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly how much interest you'll earn. ‘Winner’ – Best Online Savings Account Provider Your Money Awards 2014
Natwest Instant SaverInstant SaverSavings Account0.50% - 0.75%0.50% - 0.75%MonthlyBranch, Telephone or InternetN/ANone£0.00
DETAIL INFORMATION >>The Natwest Instant Saver is an easy access account which allows you to access your money with no notice period. There is a variable interest rate and you receive your monthly interest paid into your account. You will need to deposit a minimum of £1 to open an account and there is no maximum balance. This is perfect if you want to start saving but also want the flexibility to withdraw your funds when you need to.
Scottish Friendly Child BondChild BondChildrens AccountVariesVariesMonthly, Annual, End Of TermOnline, Tel, PostN/A£0
DETAIL INFORMATION >>Did you know you’re allowed to invest up to £25 per month tax-free for any child, resident in the UK, with a friendly society such as Scottish Friendly? The Scottish Friendly Child Bond allows you to put away a small amount of money every month for a special child in your life and could provide them with a tax-free lump sum to help them take their first footsteps into adult life - buy their first car or help them get to university. It's a tax-free with-profits plan, which runs for a minimum of 10 years, which you can take out for any child under 16.

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