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SpreadCo Spread BettingUK 2004 (FCA)1-10%
Depending on contract
Fixed / VariableFrom 1 pip
Indices, 2 pip FX, 0.1% equities
No charges on Futures marketsNo charge on short positions except FX0.8p per pointNo£200Unlimited3Yes
DETAIL INFORMATION >>A Leading CFD and Spread Betting provider with tight spreads and advanced technology. As a standard part of the way we operate, we are constantly developing our products, systems and technology to ensure that our clients remain at the leading edge of online trading. Spread Co is committed to offering its clients (private individuals, banks, brokers and other financial intermediaries) excellence in both its online trading products and in customer service and we welcome your feedback on all areas of our business. Spread Co Limited enables individuals and organisations to trade a variety of Spread Trading, Contracts For Difference (CFD) and Foreign Exchange (FX) products using some of the most sophisticated online trading technology solutions available.
City IndexUK 1983 (FCA)0%-10%
Depending on product.
FixedFrom 1 pip
Depending on product.
+2.5% LIBOR or equivalent-2.5% LIBOR or equivalent25p per pointNo£0Unlimited3Yes
DETAIL INFORMATION >>City Index is one of the World's leading providers of Contracts for Difference, foreign exchange, options and financial spread betting services. With over 25 years in the market, we are committed to providing fair and transparent prices, innovative technology and great customer support. Open a spread betting account in minutes. Remember that most people spread betting are wiped out in the first month so if you are not a professional it is worth using a simulated trading platform to practice. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions.
Cantor IndexUK 1998 (FCA)2.5%-70%
Depending on contract
Fixed / VariableFrom 1 pip
1 tick FX, 2 tick indices,0.3% equities
Currently between LIBOR +1.75 and 2.5%Currently between LIBOR +1.75 and 2.5%100p per pointNo£0Unlimited3No
DETAIL INFORMATION >>Cantor Index is a leading financial spread betting company, established in 2000, offering spread bets on a wide range of global markets including indices, equities, foreign exchange and commodities. Spread betting is margin trading on financial products allowing clients to profit from both rising and falling markets. At Cantor Index we are dedicated to offering our clients value spread betting. As a result on our Daily Rolling Spot FX we offer 1 tick spreads on 2 of our major currency pairs. Read the terms and conditions before investing.
SpreadexUK 1999 (FCA)From 5%
See detail info
FixedSpread on each market
See site for details
+3% LIBOR or equivalent-3% LIBOR or equivalent100p per pointNo£100Unlimited2No
DETAIL INFORMATION >>Formed in 1999, Spreadex is one of the longest-established financial spread betting firms in the industry and the only company to offer financial spread trading, sports spread betting and sports fixed odds betting from the convenience of one account. Spreadex was formed by former City dealer Jonathan Hufford, who was hooked on the sheer fun offered by spread betting. He decided to set up his own company but to make spread betting much more user-friendly. Since its inception, Spreadex has developed a reputation for great customer service.

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