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As a student, you will know it is vital to keep you money in order. By staying organized and on top of your income and outgoings, you can save hassle and hardship effectively. Most students live on a small budget – and the tighter yours is, the more important it is to make sure your money is being looked after properly. A good student bank account offers many great features for you and your lifestyle. Many banks offer free overdraft rates and additional features such as discounts and vouchers on train fares or books and music – or even food and drink. Take your time and compare the accounts in the chart below. You may have a current account already, but you may find that there is a better student account offer from another bank. Also, find out what happens to you and your money once you graduate – some banks may change the terms on the account soon after you finish studying.

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Compare Student Bank Accounts

If you are off to university get a bank account that is especially designed for students needs.

Why do you need a bank account?

Bank accounts are convenient and easy to use. They are a safe place to put your money. With many accounts you will be given a debit card and cheque book which can make accessing your money even easier. Many accounts also come with online banking so you can make payments and view your transactions whenever you need.

What is a Student Account?

Being a student can be expensive and as you are unlikely to be earning while you are studying you need an account that is especially catered to you. Student current accounts are especially designed to help students while they are studying.

Essentially student accounts operate much the same as other current accounts in that you can deposit money and make payments. Because you may very well end up staying with the bank for a while, there are many banks vying for your business and so there are many student accounts to choose from.

What are the benefits of a Student Account?

When you are studying you may need to pay for things like rent, books, accommodation and travel. Many student current accounts offer exclusive offers deals and added benefits geared specifically at students. Most students will at some point need access to an overdraft facility and with student accounts you don’t have to be charged for it. From interest free overdrafts to free railcards or other discounts there are a variety of incentives that banks offer to students.

How much will it cost?

Most student accounts have no fees unless you exceed the overdraft limit in which case the charges can be expensive. Remember with an overdraft facility even though it is interest free the money still needs to be paid back. You should also be warned that the terms of your account may change after you have completed your studies.

Finding the right account for you

It pays to shop around and do your research because each bank will have different features, transaction charges, interest rates and added benefits. For example some banks offer free banking for a certain amount of time.


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Barclays Current Account

13 June 2012 10:30am
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Now available for you to compare with the Barclays Current Account you can customise your account with a range of Packs that cover gadgets, home appliances, travel and more. Simply add the Features that you want and leave out the ones that you don't.


123 Current Account

27 March 2012 12:00pm
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The 123 Current Account is a new current account now available at Which Way To Pay for you to compare. This Current Account, pays in-credit interest on a customer’s total balance of up to 3% once they have more than £1,000 in their account.


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