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Halifax Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance)
Halifax single trip travel insurance covers you from the moment you book your trip. You are covered for everything from cancellations before you leave, accidents or medical emergencies while you are abroad and delayed luggage. You can get a 10% discount if you apply online.
Location: UK
1. Offers all the normal cover for accidents, injury, healthcare and legal expenses, plus a few extras like lost baggage and travel delay compensation
2. You can select additional cover on your single trip travel insurance so that your expensive equipment and clothing is properly covered.
3. Buy online and get up to 10% off
1. The policy will pay up to £30 after the first full 12 hours delay, and £20 for each full 12 hours delay thereafter (up to a maximum of £250), if after 12 hours of your outward journey you choose to abandon your trip they will pay your cancellation costs up to £5,000 under the cancellation section of this policy less the excess (unless you have paid the appropriate additional premium for excess waiver).
2. Cover is excluded for any medical condition or symptom that has not been declared to and accepted by us and which existed prior to the commencement of this policy and any associated trip covered by it.
3. You must be under 75 years old
1. Single Trip Travel Insurance covers you for any trip abroad up to 185 days long and for UK trips too, as long as they are over three days and include pre-booked accommodation.

Travel Insurance Type: Single Trip
Travel Information:
One single trip that is under 185 days
Multi Trips: No
Backpackers: No
Long Stays: No
Over 65: No
Single Trips: No
Winter Sports: No

Policy Name: Single Trip Travel
Policy Cost: Apply online
Policy Excess: Apply online

Cover Type: Single Trip Travel
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail:
1. Cancellation
2. Medical Emergency
3. Hospital Benefit
4. Personal Accident
5. Personal Baggage
6. Travel Delay
7. Missed Departure
8. Mugging Benefit
9. Legal Advice and Expenses
10. Loss of Passport / Driving Licence
11. Cover two adults and up to six unmarried children under the age of 16 (24 if in full time education).

Suitable For:
1. Single Article Limit £300
2. Valuables £500
3. You must not leave unattended personal money left at any time unless in a hotel safe or safety deposit box or similar fixed locked receptacle
4. Cover is excluded for any medical condition or sympton that has not been declared to and accepted.
5. Availble up to the age of 75 years old
1. You must be travelling for less than 185 days
2. Cover two adults and up to six unmarried children under the age of 16 (24 if in full time education).
10% discount if you apply online

Application Methods: Online or Telephone
Underwriter: Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC
Pay Monthly: No
Halifax Single Trip Travel Insurance (Which Way To Pay - 22/3/2010)
Halifax Single Trip Travel Insurance is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating

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