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ETA (Vehicle Insurance)
ETA cycle insurance ensure that we don’t include unreasonable exclusions in our policy and keep excesses to a minimum. ETA Brakdown cover offers a pick n mix style product; this enables customers to choose the level of cover to suit their needs. For every policy ETA sells a donation goes to the ETA Trust, founded in 1994 to campaign for a more sustainable, safe, and healthy transport future.
Location: UK
1.Large variety of covers
2.Free extra benefits
3.Travel Insurance available
Not all cycling accessories covered
Free Legal advice

Vehicle Insurance Type: Vehicle Insurance Provider
Vehicle Information:
Cars and cycles

Policy Name: ETA
Policy Cost: Get a quote
Policy Excess: Ask on application

Cover Type: Breakdown cover for all vehicles and cycle cover
Cover Level: Essentials, Premium,Premium Plus
Cover Detail: Bicycles:• Covers bikes and permanently fixed accessories up to £5,000 • Covers theft and accidental damage • New-for-old replacement on claims • Third party insurance worth up to £1,000,000 • Worldwide cover should your bike be damaged or stolen abroad Breakdown:• National Recovery – we recover the vehicle from and to anywhere in Britain • Home Rescue – covers vehicles which breakdown within a mile of home • Hotel & Car Rental – offers a five day rental, including train tickets and hotel stay • Caravan Cover – this upgrade is essential if towing a caravan • Drop off and return – takes the customer home if the repair garage is closed and returns the customer to the garage the following day • Auto Repair - Covers the cost of parts and labour (up to £500) required to fix a breakdown attended by the ETA

Suitable For:
Drivers of cars and bicycle owners
Ask on application
All legal drivers and all cylclists
£20 refer a friend

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Provider
Pay Monthly: Yes
ETA (Which Way To Pay - 28/11/2013)
ETA is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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