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Sainsburys Vehicle Insurance (Vehicle Insurance)
Cover Available: Types of Policy Available, Discounts: Courtesy Car, Windscreen and Uninsured Comprehensive Multi car, No Claim Driver Promise. Get free Sainsbury's Breakdown Service for 1 year. Introductory offer. Ends 28.09.15. Underwritten by U K Insurance Ltd.
Location: UK

1. A wide range of benefits including a courtesy car included as standard while your car is being repaired by an approved repairer, subject to availability.
2. Child Car Seat Cover - we will cover the cost of replacing a child car seat if your car is involved in an accident, damaged by fire & theft or stolen - even if there is no apparent damage.  - Comprehensive Cover Only
3.Valuable protection against uninsured drivers! With no excess to pay and without affecting your No Claims Discount.(Premier Cover Only)
4. 5 Years guarantee on car repairs via an approved repairer.
1. You will need to pay an excess if you make a claim
A wide range of benefits including a courtesy car of similar physical size and class as your own included as standard with Premier Cover policies for the duration of the repair!

Vehicle Insurance Type: Vehicle Insurance Provider
Vehicle Information:
All cars

Policy Name: Sainsbury
Policy Cost: From £224
Policy Excess: Ask on application

Cover Type: Courtesy Car, Windscreen and Uninsured Driver Promise
Cover Level: Comprehensive
Cover Detail: 1. Keep you on the road- After an accident, we'll give you a courtesy car for the full duration of the repair (provided through approved repairers, subject to availability, not available if your car is a total loss)
2. Put a roof over your head - If you have an accident and you need a place to stay. We'll cover your hotel expenses up to £150.
3. Keep your children safe - We'll replace your child seat following an accident, even if there is no apparent sign of damage.
4. Make life as hassle-free as possible - If your Sainsbury's shopping is stolen from your car, we’ll replace it up to the value of £200.
5. Look after the details - Following an accident, we'll replace your personal belongings to the value of £100.
6. Repair your windscreen - We'll replace or repair your windscreen when you use one of our approved windscreen companies. Or we'll pay up to £150 if you go with a different company.
7. Cover for when you are travelling in Europe- With up to 3 free days of the same level of cover as you have in the UK.
8. Give you peace of mind - With guarantees on all repairs for up to 5 years (as long as you use an approved repairer).
9. Protect you if you are a passenger - With personal accident cover of up to £5,000.

Suitable For:
Nectar card holders
Exclusions and limitation apply to the policy.
Offer only available to new customers
Multi car, No Claim

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: UK Insurance Ltd
Pay Monthly: Yes
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Sainsburys Vehicle Insurance
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