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Get the most suitable wedding insurance by comparing the offers below. With the average wedding costing £20,000, it is not hard to see why wedding insurance is a priority when you are planning your wedding day. With the amount of time and money that goes into planning your big day, wedding insurance costs very little in comparison. There are a variety of different wedding insurance policies to choose from to suit your needs and budget. Whether you are having a civil ceremony or a church wedding, a wedding in the UK or abroad or even if you need Optional Ceremonial Swords Cover there is a suitable wedding insurance policy for you. See below a list of wedding insurance policies for you to compare. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each policy and the pick the most suitable for your individual needs. For example what is and is not included in the policy?? Click on the blue ‘More’ button when you have found the right provider.

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Compare Wedding Insurance

Wedding are no cheap so consider taking out an insurance policy to protect your special day.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Weddings can understandably be expensive as you pull out all the stops for your big day. To make sure that you are financially protected against any unexpected circumstances wedding insurance is essential.

What does Wedding Insurance cover?

Wedding insurance will cover your wedding day and provide compensation for any unforeseen expenses that may occur. In the event of something going wrong such as cancellation and subsequent rearrangement the cost can be enormous as you either lose money from cancelling the entire wedding or have to pay extra fees for rearranging the ceremony.

In addition wedding insurance can cover ceremonial and bridal attire, wedding gifts, wedding cars and transport and the failure of suppliers.

Do really need Wedding Insurance?

Although many people think that wedding insurance is an unnecessary added cost to an already expensive day some will want to take out a policy so that you are fully protected and can avoid any unwanted fees.

No one can predict the future but wedding insurance provides you with peace of mind so you can enjoy your wedding with no extra worry.

How much will it cost?

The price of wedding insurance varies from company to company so depending on how much you are willing to spend cover will vary. It is important to note that most levels of wedding insurance have exclusions. For example medical conditions or cancellation of the wedding due to redundancy may not be covered by your insurance. In the event where you do need to make a claim it is essential to provide all the relevant information to the insurance company to guarantee that your claim is successful and you receive compensation.

Finding a policy

In the current economic climate wedding insurance is on the rise and as such there are a lot of policies for you to choose from. It is important that you take the time to research the market. You can compare different policies in the table above. Before you apply you must read the terms of the policy carefully and know exactly what is and what isn’t covered.


Is wedding insurance really useful?

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Need Wedding Insurance?

11 July 2011
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If you’re getting married and you want it to be as perfect as Will and Kate’s big day, then it might be worth getting wedding insurance to cover all those potential mishaps.