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A 'low credit' loan, the guarantor loan is aimed at people who have problems getting a mainstream loan due to having a poor credit rating, CCJs, defaults, ex-bankrupt and all reasons that make normal lenders turn your application down.

Guarantor loans are personal loans and allow the borrower to nominate a guarantor. This person steps in if you suddenly find yourself having problems with your repayments. That guarantor takes on a responsible position because if they are required to step in, they take over the responsibility of the loan and repayments.

What about my Credit Rating?

Because you have a guarantor who is there as a security, guarantor loan borrowers are not required to have an excellent credit history. However, the guarantor will they need to have an outstanding credit rating and if they are required to step in on your behalf, they will take over the entire responsibility of the loan. This means if they land in trouble with meeting repayments, their credit rating will be adversely affected. Therefore, make sure you choose someone who is willing to take on that risk.

How Much can I Borrow?

Most guarantor loans offer up to 3,000 but have a look around to compare what is on offer some might offer more.

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