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Instalment Loans - Long term payday loans

A instalment loan is a money lending service what is repaid over a amount of time with set payment amounts. In most instances there is always a minimum two months payments that are made towards the repayment of the loan. A Instalment loan can be used over a period of time as little as a few months to as long as 30 years.

A typical example of what Instalment loans are used for is Mortgages, as this is used to secure the sale of property etc. With most things the term is strongly associated with your traditional consumer loans and agreements. The Instalment loans are associated with certain loans such as payday and title loans, and also used to open things such as opened credit which can be credit cards.

Instalment loans vs. Payday loans

In general, payday loans are seen to be more beneficial over a shorter time scale. These are usually used for a quick win situation. Payday loans do normally have a higher interest rate, that is sometimes paid back in a one lump sum payment back to the lender. With the instalment loan option, the money can be lent over a longer period of time and also have monthly repayment, which we all know makes things easier in the long run.

How do instalment loans work

The consumer applies to the lender for a instalment loan, they apply for x amount for a emergency home repair. The lender agrees the instalment loan over a x amount of months repayment scale. When the consumer received the cheque of the amount requested, they then get issued with the amount that is repayable each month to the lender. There is normal a interest rate included in the instalment loans which can be different depending on the individual circumstances. The time scales can vary from 2 months to 24 months depending on the situation.

Assisting people with bad credit

Instalment loans are a good way to help rebuild your credit history if this has been affected. If its simply the fact you have got into problems with credit in the past or just have no credit history at all, Instalment loans are a great way to help solve these issues. As the Instalment loans requires monthly payments, this can build up a history of repayments on the lenders behalf. This will help in the future to obtain over credit that's required.

Here you will find some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Instalment Loans:

  • How much can I borrow on a Instalment loan? All the different lenders off different lending amounts, this can be as little as 200 to 2,500. This is depending on what your personal requirements are at that current time.
  • How Long does it take for me to receive the funds from the Instalment Loan? With most Instalment loan providers, you can expect to receive the cash within the next few working days depending on the process for that particular lender.
  • How much interest is there on Instalment Loan agreements? All lenders have different interest rates. When looking for the best instalment loan for you requirements, this is when you need to check things like interest rates etc.
  • What are the requirements when applying for a Instalment Loan? In most cases when applying for a Instalment Loan, there is a certain number of requirements needed. These are things such as ; A monthly income, Bank account details and also proof of address and contact details. These can vary depending each lenders terms and conditions.

How instalment loans can also assists business

Instalment loans are not only beneficial for individual consumers, they can also benefit business as well. Instalment loans are used a lot of the time by small enterprises when they may have become involved in difficult time financially. This can be associated with temporary gap in cash flow within the business. Another reason why Instalment loans may be used for business purpose, are a entrepreneurs are wanting to aspire there new business venture, They may need to access a quick cash flow. This is where Instalment loans are a great thing. When starting up a new enterprise, you need to be able to financially support the business for 6 months at least without any break within in the cash flow.

This means that the Instalment loans is a great way to equally divided the repayments into a manageable amount to be repaid monthly. Also instalment used are by a lot of business and establishments because we are never prepared for that unsuspected leak or electrically fault within the working environment. This again is where Instalment loans can come in handy for that quick flow of instant cash, so that the working environment can be back to normal in no time.

When most business look at applying for a Instalment loan, They are highly recommended to do a business plan so that when it comes to looking for the best instalment loan, all the aspects are covered within the one chosen. Whilst applying for the instalment loans, you are also as a business building up the credit history for the business. This is by proving that the Repayments are being made by sticking to the agreement within the instalment loan.

Always make sure you choose the right instalment loan for your needs

When deciding on which Instalment loan is right for you, there is always a number of things to remember. Here you will find a list of the things to remember when choosing the right Instalment loan for you:

  • Make sure that the money you are lending with the instalment loan is the correct amount for what you need the cash for.
  • When it comes to paying the monthly repayments always make sure you have the money available as some Instalment loans do add on late payment fees is the payment is not made on the agreed date.
  • Always check the interest rates on each individual instalment loan provider as some can be a lot more that others.


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