The Prepaid Card Calculator

07 May 2008 - Which Way To Pay


Prepaid Card Calculator

There are so many different prepaid cards on the market and each have their own fee structures that it can be very difficult to find which prepay card is the best for you.

To make this decision easier, offer our 'Prepaid Card Calculator'

You just answer all the questions about what you need from the card and how you use it; and the calculator will generate the cards that are most suitable to your needs and offer the best value.

Find more details about the fields below:

1. Age of applicant?

Some cards are available to under 18s; giving youngsters the chance to manage their money in a mature manner. Also this allows them to spend on the internet or in shops without having the carry cash the card is pin protected and can be blocked and replaced if lost or stolen.

So if you want a card for your child you should consider this option.

2. Select required top up methods?

There are many different methods to load and top up your card. Some can be loaded with cash at selected retail kiosks (eg Post Office, Paypoint, Payzone and E-pay) and some may offer the possibility of paying in cash at selected banks. Money can also be loaded by bank transfer (BACS) or you can choose to have funds loaded by your employer straight onto your card (Wages.)

Different methods may suit different people you may have a Post Office near where you live so you may prefer this choice. Just tick the methods you definitely need if you don't mind just tick the 'Any' box.

Click here for more info on Top Up methods

3. Do you want to be able to transfer money overseas?

Some Prepaid Cards offer the possibility of transferring or 'sharing' money to another card. These cards are generally bought as additional, secondary cards (though
Crewcard actually gives you two for 10.00.)

So if you want to send money to a relative back home or you have a child travelling for example on their Gap Year, this provides a value for money way of getting them some money.

Click here for more information on Money Transfers on a Prepaid Card.

4. Do you required SMS services?

Some cards have the ability to check your balance and even transfer money or manage your account via your mobile phone. Check this field if you want some mobile control.

Click here for more info on Prepaid Card SMS services

5. Transaction Values

These fields relate to how often and how much you are likely to spend on an average month. Transaction means any purchases you make on the card, be it on the internet at a shop or by mail order. It does NOT relate to cash withdrawals though.

So enter an estimate of how you intend to use the card, as some cards charge a fee for sales and this will be important in working out which card is the best value for you.

6. Top Up Values

Cards will generally charge some kind of top up charge when you load funds onto your card; though some will be free. To find the best card for you enter the number of times you will top up your card and the likely amount. When you hit 'Submit' and get the results, you will see what each top up type will cost you in a month.

7. ATM Values

ATM stands for 'Automatic Teller Machine' which is generally known as a cashpoint in the UK. Effectively it is any automatic machine that lets you withdraw cash at a bank, supermarket, petrol station and so on.

If you plan to withdraw cash from these machine tell the calculator the likely amount. (Please note there is almost always a charge attached to this withdrawal.)

Click here to use our Prepaid Card calculator and find out which is the best card for you!


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