Poll Shows Majority Of Voters Believe Osborne Got It Wrong

29 May 2012 17:00 - Victoria Wedderburn


Poll Shows Majority Of Voters Believe Osborne Got It Wrong

According to the ComRes poll, a majority of people believe Chancellor George Osborne needs to change his failing economic policies. The poll, published today, sees 7 out of 10 Britons want the government to soften its spending cuts and do more to stimulate economic growth. The new poll show that voters are losing faith in the coalition and their strategy, adding to pressure that the time has come for change. So far, the coalition has stuck to its primary message that Britain can no longer live beyond its means and that the seven year austerity programme is necessary to maintain the confidence of the bond markets and avert a crippling rise in interest rates. For the first two years the public seemed to accept the coalition's argument that it was taking the necessary tough decisions to "clean up Labourís mess", but todayís poll results suggest patience is now wearing thin. George Osborne, the finance minister, staked his reputation on the basis that economic growth would help reduce the deficit. But while Britain's debt servicing costs and interest rate remain at historic lows, the fall-back into recession has cast doubt on whether his gamble will pay off.

Just over two in three of Conservative voters, 64%, and 68% of Liberal Democrat voters at the last election recommend a U-turn. The figure rises to 86% of 2010 Labour voters. On its regular state of the parties poll, ComRes found the Labour lead down slightly on last month to eight points, with Labour on 42% (down one), Conservatives on 34% (up one), the Liberal Democrats on 11%  (no change) and others on 13% (no change).


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