Charity Credit Cards
27 March 2008 - Which Way To Pay


Charity Credit Cards

Do you take an active interest in a particular charity, organisation or ethical cause? Many of us do, and the support we give; be it large or small, occasionally or frequently, is always gratefully received by these worthwhile causes.

Many leading organisations now offer charity credit cards; these cards have the same features as a traditional credit card but also provide benefits to that particular charity. For instance, the card issuer will often make a contribution when you first obtain, or use the card, and in addition make a donation every time you use it after that. This donation is worked out as a percentage of your purchase amount.

The spectrum of charitable causes is broad, from health charities to environmental and heritage organisations - so whatever cause you feel is important to stand behind, the chances are you'll find a card that can do a little to help when you use it. Many of them offer interesting benefits that help too, like buying back environmentally delicate land; whilst some cards are even PVC-free, so they're eco friendly.

The appeal of these cards is that you can be contributing to the ongoing work of your chosen organisation, whilst also benefiting from the features and convenience of a 'classic' credit card. It's certainly one of the easiest ways to help a charity, as it happens automatically.

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